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Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-1

It was raining cats and dogs outside; sun might have gone down the western horizon. I was seated in the balcony of the first floor, enjoying a cup of coffee.
The door bell rang.
“Who can be in this torrential rain?” – I thought, Uncle and Aunt? No it is not possible as they are already on the flight to Mumbai, going to my Sister’s place.
I went downstairs to open the door and was really amazed to find my cousin sister’s friend, Swatilekha, standing at the door, drenched in rain.
“Jeno kono golap jol ee bhijyee amaar samnee dariyee” – As if a un plucked red rose drenched in dew was in front of my eyes.
I queried -- “What happened at this time, Mamoni is not at home and also uncle and aunt has gone to Mumbai?”
Swatilekha answered – “Actually I came to Asansol for some work, so I thought to meet Mamoni, but as I got here it began raining.”
--- “Hmm… come in”
As I ushered her in, I observed her drenched sari wrapped to her torso, from behind, I could make out that she was wearing a white lace bra, and the color of her petticoat has also to be a white one. “Mridumondo gojo gamini chalee Swatilekha jokon gharee dhukloo amar poranee ekta jor nishwas uthlo. Sundor duii nitombo dulchyee choker samnee”
Her plump well rounded back globes swayed like balanced pendulum as she strolled inside.
She entered the drawing room, with a query on her face,
---“Can I stay today?” queried Swatilekha.

---“Oh sure. It is up-to you only, as I am alone here.”
My heart skipped few paces faster on hearing that she will be staying for the night.

I showed her to Mamoni’s room,
--- “You can stay for the night here, be comfortable, change your clothes. You are totally drenched. In her cupboard you will find her dresses you can wear and also do not forget to make a call to Mamoni.”
--- “Thanks a lot” Saying so, she closed the door behind her.

Swatilekha was a bossom friend of my cousin sister Mamoni. She was a danseuse in the same university where Mamoni studies. I first noticed Swatilekha at a family function few months back. From that day I was smitten by her eternal beauty. I was continuously eyeing at her for the whole time she was present. Few time our eyes also met, and smiles were exchanged. She was in her first year of her masters and I was in my final year of graduation.
Love actually does not care for these boundaries of age gap. Few sparks flew between us during that function. In the evening after the function ended, most of the relatives and friends departed. Only family members were present in the house. Swatilekha was also present and was chatting with Mamoni in one corner of the roof, slowly sipping a cup of coffee.
Mamoni called me to join them.
I pulled a chair as I sat next to Mamoni.
---“Eta amar ke bhaii (This is my sweet brother Abhimanyu)”. Mamoni introduced me.
---“Bhujtee parchilaam, amar dikee besh lukiye churiyee takachiloo toor bhai. (I assumed, he was eyeing me constantly the whole time).” Swatilekha answered with a mischievous smile on her red lips.
I felt like being caught red handed, my ears grew hot. I muttered somehow --- “No no, that was not the case”.
---“Then what was the case, that you were constantly gazing at me” Swatilekha threw the question.
Mamoni understood my situation and came to my rescue with her witful answer --- “Lekha, dustumi korishna. Toor chookh dekhe oo keno je keu pagol hoye jabyee tatee Abhi’r ki dosh (Lekha do not tease him, your big black eyes can capture any man, so it captured him also.)”

We chatted for some time, before she went away.
Mamoni asked me if I could drop her at the bus stand or not. I gladly complied.
While we both strolled in the evening light on the lonely streets towards the bus stop, Swatilekha asked me --- “Abhimanyu, do you have any girlfriends in college?”
---“Na, did not got a chance, busy in studies and every beautiful lasses are engaged. You know, as I was most of my younger times outside of Kolkata so now I find hard to cope in this new environment.”
---“Oh, I see. Can I call you Abhi?”
---“Sure, as you please. So you tell me, do you have any special person in your life?”
Swatilekha answered ---“What do you think…”
---“I think you have someone, you are beautiful and gorgeous and intelligent. So tell me who is this lucky one.” I asked her so, but deep inside me, somewhere in some corner of my heart, I felt a burning sensation, what if she has someone in her life?
Swatilekha answered ---“Na, dear, still I am alone.” Saying so she looked at me. A sigh of relief came out of my lungs, which she noticed.
She was walking close to me, at times our upper arms touched each other, my fingers was eager to touch the softness of her smooth hands.
I looked into her deep black eyes --- “Hmmm, such a beauty still alone.” Jokingly I asked ---“Any effect or side effect.”
“Jaah, naughty” --- saying so she touched my hand.

I got a signal that she might be interested in me.
I hold her hand in mine, entwined her fingers in my clasp, an electrifying shiver ran through my spine and we walked silently.
Swatilekha broke the prolong silence ---“What are you thinking, naughty (dustu chele)?”
“Ah, nothing serious. Just thinking about you. A very beautiful lady, walking with me on a lonely road. The birds are chirping overhead going to their nests. I am feeling very romantic in this situation.” --- I answered.
---“So am I, what if this evening never ends.”
“If I beg you to stay for to-night, will you stay” --- I asked her.
The bus-stand was near, we could see the people standing on the road, and hear the sounds of hustle and bustle round the corner.
She answered with a mischievous smile on her lips --- “No, naughty boy, it is not possible. Every-one will raise their eyebrows towards us.”
As she was walking on left side, I gently put my left arm over her shoulder. This made Swatilekha bit startled and she looked gave me a curious look. But she did not mind my arm resting on her shoulder.
I only looked into her eyes with a pleading look.
Before the road merged with the main, there was a bent. We stopped at the bend. She looked at me with longing deep eyes. I felt deep in my heart, that I am losing her.
I gently took her face between my palms, involuntarily her hands joined on mine as she seek the warmth of my palms on her soft cheeks.
I murmured with a deep voice --- “Swatilekha, …… “
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