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How I Met Sapna

(The Following Took Place on Valentines Day in Detroit, USA in 2010)

"Bhai, let me introduce you to my sister" Jayashree said as we were finishing our punch at the mandir's annual fundraiser for cancer victims. I had only been in America for a few days and wasn't excited about meeting any new people. I had barely finished my punch before I spat out my drink in shock. Before my eyes was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life. Her barefeet were milky white, her toes were unpainted and gave the appearence that they had been free from sock wear for a while. Her soft face was beaming, her white teeth were spotless. I looked into her dark brown eyes, seeing my reflection in them. "Bhai, this is my sister Sapnaji, she is doing her residency at the local hospital here". Before I could say "Nice to meet you sister" her arms were thrown around my neck "I'm so happy to meet you brother, we're going to be best friends from now on" she said as she started stroking my face "You look tired and exhausted, why don't we go back to our house so you can rest, Jay can he come back with us"? "Yes Sapnaji, he's staying with us for the week, Uncle said he doesn't have any room for him as of last night....come on bro, let's head back".

When we got back to their house, Jayashree got a call from his Uncle telling him to visit him at the hospital. "Krishnaji, I am leaving Sapnaji with you tonight, take good care of her bro ok"? I promised I would do my best and with that he was off into the night. I then went to the living room where we were hanging out a minute ago when I heard a scream comming from upstairs. I rushed up to see what the commotion was about when I felt someone jump onto my back "ahhh" I yelle as I landed on the floor. "You're going to be my PET tonight babe" Sapnaji said into my ear. I couldn't defend myself. Before I could open my mouth I was dragged by my feet into Sapnaji's room, helpless as a puppy. She then duck-taped my legs and mouth, leaving me at her mercy. I saw her then pull out a fake gun and hold it to my head "We're going to play ransom tonight babe" she said before pulling out her phone "How much do you think your life is worth" she asked before removing the tape from my mouth. Before I could answer she said "You're worth nothing...without me! I've been waiting for a man like you to make my love slave for years..now that I finally have one, I can finally get rid of that pain in the ass brother of mine and move out with my Prince". I was speechless. I didn't know what she planned on doing with me but I could tell she was seriously in love with me.

"On your knees PET" she said before grabing my and laying me down at the foot of her bed "Open wide" she commanded before shoving her soft pink toes down my throat, choking me while at the same time massaging my hair with her other foot. "You like that don't you puppy"? she asked. I nodded slowly, understanding that I was now at her mercy. "I've never had a Valentine before you, I want this to be special for both of us" she said as she removed her foot from my mouth before shoving her other one down my throat, making me squirm. After a while she removed her foot and let me breath for a moment. I saw her get up off the bed and leave the room. I then tried to break free when she returned with some candles and incense. She placed the items on her dresser before lighting them and then turned off the lights. The room now smelled like roses and sandlewood. She got on her knees and kissed me on my face and neck. I looked into her eyes for a moment before saying "Sapnaji...I love you too". She was overwealmed. "Oh Krishnaji, I knew a Prince like you would fall for me" she said before smootching my forhead. I was in Swargalok. I had never felt such love before in my life.

We woke up in her bed, her soft skin warming me up as I lay motionless, her head burried into my bare chest. I opened my eyes and kissed her soft head, catching some of her black, silky hairs in my mouth while doing so. She woke up and kissed me on my lips. She just looked into my eyes without saying a word. We knew we were meant for each other. I was her first man, she was my second girl. I wispered into her soft ear "I don't know if your brother would like us being together, so here is what we're going to do" I said before kissing her ear. She didn't want me to finish at first, the prospect of us not being together scared her. "I think it would be best if we ran away together...but not now...in a couple of years...we'll still be together...I'll visit you every year...twice at least....we'll run away when I have everything planned...we'll make it look like you were kidnapped.....nobody will ever know the truth" before I could even finish I felt her soft Gujarati lips pressed agianst mine, suffocating me momentarily. We were safe for now.

(Fast Forward One Year)

I was sitting in a cheap resturant in Madras when I got the call "Brother is starting to suspect us, you should come back quick". I didn't plan on leaving so early, my plane wasn't schedualed to leave until two weeks. I paid my bil and before I could leave I felt a cold hand on my shoulder "You're not going anywhere cutie". I turned around and saw an old ugly pimp and his goons standing behind him. I pulled pulled out my stick that I got in Trivandrum and smashed his head with it before running out of their so as not to be arrested. I caught an auto rickshaw who took me to the hotel where I was staying. I packed my things, called the airline company, bought a ticked for the night flight and took a cab to the airport.

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