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Impregnated by My Nephew - Pt. 4

Jeetu had relaxed for some time and lay on me. My Snoopies were crushed below his chest and were flattened. Though the warm spurts had stopped, there was no sign of his girth reducing or his rod slipping out. I was thoroughly skewered on his tool. This experience and feeling was something I had never experienced earlier in my 6 years of marriage. I had forgotten about Ashok by now and concentrated on our union. I wanted to see his prick in me.

"Jeetu I want to see down there!" I asked him sheepishly.

"You mean our fuck joint?" he responded, turning his attention to his pet snoopies. "Sure. Here give me your hand." It was then that I realized that I had clasped the pillow on either sides to vent my gratification. He held on to my hand and slowly slid it between our sweaty bodies and mad me hold onto his cock base, which was the only piece out of me. I felt the area to be slimy and as I felt my pussy lips clamped around it, I felt the familiar goose pimples all over me.

"Now what, Jeetu?" I asked him, realizing that he did not want to come out of me. "What happens now? I cannot be with you like this. You know Ashok will come to know and then all hell will be let loose."

"Seema, did you like it today?" he asked point blank.

I just looked at him and nodded.

"Do you feel guilty about it? You know it just happened," he justified. "You are wonderful and so was our lovemaking. You are the best."

With that he muzzled into my boobies and gobbled a full boob into his mouth, and than sucking out repeating the fucking action. We were still glued to our base and now I felt him softening.

"Jeetu can you please remove your .... Tool? Please?" I was feeling a slight pain.

He obliged and slowly started to pull himself out. As I looked down, it looked like a snake coming out of it hole. Even when it was flaccid, it was much bigger than Ashok's tool. As the head f his tool exited my pussy hole, it came out with a plop. I felt as though a huge load had come out of me. I reached down to find my hole totally dilated. I was now scared that the sheer width of my hole would give me away during our nightly bouts. Today I had to find an excuse to avoid sex with Ashok.

I was further amazed at this young man's sexual appetite. After pulling out from me, he slid down and kissed my pussy. It was a shock for me. How can a man kiss you there, that too after such a bout?

"No, please Jeetu, what are you doing? It's dirty to do that." I said. But before I could actually stop him, his tongue had lapped at my pussy lips and then I felt his tongue slip into me. The wave of pleasure that rode through me made me push my chest out and curved myself with the support of my head. My hair was wet and spread all over and made a design of its own. I came with such force that I pushed my cunt onto his face, making him gasp for air.

I felt like a virgin on her first night. In one day, I had broken my marriage vows, had cheated on my husband, and had got small breasts sucked and then rammed with the biggest prick, for over two hours. I had crossed the line of no return and had now got my cunt sucked and kissed that too after being royally fucked by a younger man.

"Jeetu let me go and have bath and freshen up." I realized that we were fucking for the last almost one hour and half. The time now was 4.30 pm.

There was ample time for Ashok to return so I sighed in relief. I sat on the bed only to realize that I had a thick sticky fluid trickling out of my ravaged cunt. My legs were wobbly and I could not stand properly. It felt as though my hole was pulled apart and there was a gaping hole. Jeetu got up and lifted me in his arms and made way to the lower bathroom.

Here we were nude as Adam & Eve, walking about nude in my house, sprawled in a strangers arms. I was afraid that the maid would ring the bell, only to realize that I had asked her not to come today. Jeetu put his back to the door and pushed it open. He lowered me onto the floor and turned on the water shower. The cold water shower stung my skin but at the same time refreshed me.

"Seema, let me give you a good rub." Jeetu volunteered. He was also nude as was I.

"No Jeetu. I have already over crossed the height of cheating and if anyone comes in it will be bad." I tried to tell him.

"No one is going to come, Seema. Please you are tired. Let me help you.", I was tired and then gave up.

"Just for a little while," I relented.

He made me sit on the high bathroom stool and soaped my back. As his hands reached my shoulders, he massaged the tense muscles. It felt good and I let out a purred moan. He then came close behind me and I felt his penis growing up again.. It felt very sexy to be massaged by fingers on the shoulders and on the spine by a thick penis.

I reached back and tried to hold it. I felt it grow again. This was totally different from Ashok, which would fall to sleep once the action was over. Then the shower started with warm water and I felt totally relaxed. Jeetu's hands traveled all over my back and then gave special attention to my boobies. I felt his hand going down between my legs and I spread them to facilitate him.

His hands on my vagina, sliding up and down the slit, smoothly soapy gave me a great feeling and I relaxed onto his chest behind me and enjoying the penis poking into me. Jeetu was nibbling at my ears and was turning me on.

How was it possible that this penis was not going down at all? Would it be possible and would he try fucking me again? My questions were replied immediately. I felt Jeetu acknowledging me to get down from the stool. He made me stand holding the taps ahead of me and started to push my back down. I was surprised not knowing what he wanted. It was then that I realized that he had positioned himself behind me and was pointing his penis head at my dilated entry.

"Jeetu what are you doing?" I tried to move up, but he kept his hold on my shoulders. I liked the power he had on me. Ashok was a very accommodating fucker. But Jeetu was literally forcing himself on me. Was it force?

He pressed my lower back to adjust himself and then I felt the familiar bulb of his rod slipping into me. Then without any notice he pushed directly and fully embedded his entire length into me.

"Nooooo, oh god, it's paining. It's paining." I yelled holding tightly onto the taps. After just a few seconds he started pistoning me by pulling right out and them ramming fully inside. I felt like a poodle being fucked by a German Shepherd. But after a few rams, I was actually enjoying this fuck. I pushed back to his front rams and our moans filled the bathroom. Jeetu had held my slim waist in his strong hands and was continuously ramming me. This was the first time that I was being fucked from rear and I actually loved it.

Then Jeetu lifted my face and kissed me. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to enter as his penis was ravaging my pussy hole.

"I think I am in love with you, Seema" Jeetu said suddenly.

I froze. I had not expected him to say this. He continued;

"I don't know why but I must have fallen for you when I set my eyes on you. But when your snoopies massaged me, I had slipped much further. I want to make love to you every moment I get." He pleaded. Since my mouth was kissed shut. I pressed my cunt lips on his monster to silently reciprocate his emotions. I too, without any knowledge had given myself to him.

"But we have to be careful. Not because I may get pregnant, but you must control yourself if anyone is in the house. By the way I had also lost myself to you when you were fucking my bra and panty yesterday."

"You saw?" This revelation shocked him and he blushed knowing his act was caught.

"In fact today, for the movie, I was wearing the same bra & panty that you spilled into yesterday." I revealed to him.

I felt a major orgasm building and at the same time Jeetu tensed and shot his load into me. Our juices mixed.

"Can we please rest now? I got to cook for the night." I said.

"Can we order food and have more of this for dinner?" he joked. He slid out of me making me feel the void. But now it was more comfortable.

We both washed ourselves together and went to our respective rooms to dress up. Ashok was delayed that day, but nothing else happened. That night after he came home, he inquired how the day was and I told him that we had gone for the movie and then loitered around in the city doing window shopping. I did not tell him that it was my window that was being shopped, rather shaped.

I suddenly had a naughty idea and thought of putting it to work. At the dinner table, I told Ashok that Jeetu's sister had wanted to see a gynecologist in Pune and if we could call her here. Jeetu was startled and looked questioningly at me. But he did not ask anything and I just smiled. Ashok was for it and told Jeetu to call his mom and inform her. Luckily that night Ashok was tired and my cunt was spared additional sexercise.

Next day, as was the routine and Ashok went to the bathroom, I came down to make the breakfast. Jeetu must have been asleep after yesterday's bouts. I entered the kitchen and started the gas and started making Chapatis (India flat bread). I was dressed in my short skirt and had not worn any panty as my cunt lips were sore.

Suddenly, I felt hands clasping my breasts from the back and I was stunned. It was Jeetu, who had got up early and freshened up, before I came down.

"Jeetu, what are you doing?" I reproached him trying to remove his hands which were mauling my breasts. "Ashok may come down anytime."

"Seemu, you know his routine, He will not come out for the next 45 minutes. I want my breakfast before he comes down."

"I can't come to your room now. Please go away." I pleaded.

"I don't want you to come to my room. I want my breakfast here." With that he pushed me towards the kitchen counter and lifted my skirt upwards. I held the counter for support as I had no other choice.
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