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Memories of Mom & Aunt - Pt. 02


Next morning, there was a flurry of activities. I was made ready for the surgery and was taken to the operation theatre. I was put on anesthesia and didn't know what happened after that. I regained my consciousness when I was back in my room. For the whole day & night, I was under sedatives and don't remember much of what happened around me. Most of the time, Kana was by my side. At night, there was some other nurse.

Next morning, as I woke up I was quite weak and felt pain in the anus. The other nurse was by my side and she helped me in brushing my teeth. Later, she dressed my anus. As I was very weak, I had to use the bedpan for peeing. By 8 AM, Kana came and the other nurse left. Through out the day, I was not my normal self as I felt a nagging pain in the anus and was quite weak also. Kana gave me sponge bath with all my clothes taken off. Her hands touched all over my body including my cock, but that created no stir at all in my body or mind.

Next day, as I woke up I felt much better. I took note of the other nurse. She was a dark girl in her late twenties. She was a Keralite and her name was Stella. She was typical professional nurse and did her duties in a routine manner. Kana's personal touch was missing in her.

I felt happier as Kana came sharp at eight. After Stella left, Kana gave me a kiss on my forehead and I felt very nice. She got extra flowers & vases for the room and placed them all over. She sprayed room freshener and opened the curtains. The room was flooded with sunlight. The room looked bright & cheerful and I felt good.

My beard had grown quite a bit as I couldn't shave for two days. Kana helped me to shave sitting on the bed. After the shave, I felt healthier. As I was still a little weak, Kana didn't let me get down from bed and I had my breakfast sitting on the bed. After breakfast, I lied down on the bed with a book and after a while dozed off to sleep.

As I woke up, I found Kana sitting by my side and knitting. She gave me a very warm smile. She said it was time for bath. She brought a couple of towels and a tumbler full of water. She kept soap, talc and cologne handy by the side. Now she undressed me fully. She wiped my body with wet towel. She wiped my chest, armpits, belly and my thighs & legs. She lightly rubbed soap on the wet skin and then wiped again with wet towel.

The touch of cold wet towel felt very comfortable. I was made to sit up as she cleaned my back. As she moved the towel around my crotch, my nerves were sensitized. As her hands touched my cock, I felt wonderful. She cleaned my cock, balls and the stretch behind. The soft & caring touch created a stir in my crotch and my cock started growing in size. Within seconds, it was fully hard and ramrod straight.

Kana noticed the erection and said, "That's a sure sign that you are fully fit now."

This time my erection brought no embarrassment and I was hoping that Kana would appreciate the princely size. Kana said nothing more, but kept herself busy in cleaning the crotch. Lastly she held the cock in hand and opened the foreskin fully. She cleaned the fold inside. This created a total havoc with my already excited manhood and it shook vigorously in Kana's hand.

Kana looked at it intensely and a smile appeared at her lips, which now looked very sexy.

She finally said, "Something needs be done about this naughty guy. Poor chap is getting too impatient." Dushtutar jonyo ekhon kichu ekta kortei hoy. Bechara odhirjyo haye porechhe."

Saying this, she looked back at the door to make sure that the door is bolted and the 'Engaged' sign outside the door is on. She gave a very wet kiss on it and opening the foreskin licked the tip with her tongue. Such unexpected action turned me wild. I sat up on the bed and pulled her head up. Holding her face between my hands, I planted a kiss on her lips. Her resistance was very little and died down almost immediately. Within seconds, she responded eagerly and our tongues mingled. Softness & moistness of her lips & mouth were out of this world and it was one of the most exotic kisses I ever experienced.

As the kiss continued endlessly, Kana held my cock tight with one hand and pressed my balls with the other. Her soft breasts under the well starched nurses' uniform were pressed against my naked chest and her soft thighs pressed against my legs. As the kiss finally ended, I kissed her neck and ears. I played my tongue on her ears and she softly moaned. I was now desperate to see her body. With my lips on her cleavage I started unbuttoning her blouse. At this stage she stopped me.

Looking at my eyes, she pleaded, "No further please. It's too dangerous."

She was flushed on her face and talked in a husky voice.

"The engaged sign is on for too long. Let me release you quickly."

Saying this she knelt down and took my cock in her mouth. As my cock throbbed in the moistness of her mouth, her tongue moved around it. Her tongue had complete control over the shaft and danced over it rhythmically. I felt ecstatic and within seconds I erupted like a volcano. Shots of warm liquid came out endlessly. As the stream finally stopped, Kana took out her mouth. As she looked up I saw white creamy liquid dripping down from the two sides of her lips. She quickly wiped her face and my cock with a towel. As she spoke with a smile, I realised that she completely swallowed the cum and enjoyed it too.

She asked me, "Did you like it?" "Bhalo legechhe to?

I silently showed my appreciation with a soft hug and said "Thank you" with a kiss on her cheek. She now hurriedly dressed me up, tidied up her own dress, picked up the towels & other stuff and hurriedly left.

After lunch, as I lied down in bed, old memories started rushing back in my mind.

1978 After about ten days or so, I started feeling better. Pains were virtually gone and bruises had, more or less, healed. The x-ray of the elbow also came fully ok. As the doctor visited, the plaster at the elbow was removed. He completely withdrew the painkillers & sedatives. As the doctor left, the feeling of relief was visible in my parents & monima and they were all smiles.

Within a couple of days, I was my normal self but still had lot of weakness. I sat up on bed and started reading books. My movements were still restricted and I was only allowed to leave the bed for using the toilet. Though I had recovered a lot, mom & monima continued to nurse me the same way. I enjoyed being very close to them and relished their care & affection. At the same time, I felt some sensual attraction towards these two gorgeous women. They were completely unaware that I had fully regained my adulthood both in body and mind. They still considered me as a child and continued to shower their motherly affection.

Sleeping in the same bed with two women, that too with their attractive bodies not fully covered, now affected me seriously. Looking at their bodies through the semi-transparent clothes strongly aroused me. I started having erections and felt like jerking off. As their bodies touched me off & on, I found it extremely difficult to control my self. I didn't have any opportunity to relieve myself by jerking off, as I was scared that they might wake up.

Soon an outburst of my physical desire took place and my very dear mom had to withstand the onslaught. Never before I felt any physical attraction to mom. But now as I saw her bare body only covered by a flimsy sari, I craved for her naked body.

One morning, mom was alone with me as monima had gone home for couple of hours. She was getting ready for bath. Sitting on a chair in front of my bed, she unbuttoned her blouse. As she took her blouse off I saw her fair armpits full of soft & dense hair. Her deep cleavage was also visible. She now took off her bra and I could see the round mounds under her sari. While I was dying to see her fully naked, she casually chatted with me. As she said she was feeling very relieved with my fast recovery, she showed her affection by kissing me on my forehead. As she knelt down to kiss, her soft breasts touched my chest. I can't describe the sensation I had.

I controlled myself with a lot of effort and told her, "Mom, why don't you kiss me nicely." "Ma, amake bhalo kore chumu khaona."

"Sure, my child," she said very sweetly. "Nischoi khabo, baba"

Saying this, she sat on the bed and lowered herself on my body. She kissed my eyes and cheeks with her very soft lips. With her body closely touching mine, I felt her soft boobs pressed on my chest and I could easily feel her nipples. My body was on raging fire. While I immensely enjoyed the touch of her boobs and pined for more, I was also scared that my erect cock could touch her. Fortunately that didn't happen.

Now mom disengaged her and said, "Are you happy, darling?" "Ebar khushi to sona?"

As she stood up, she said she would like to take off my shorts, as today she would wash the clothes first. "Tor shorts ta khule nebo ekhon. Ami aj age kapor kechhe nebo."

The possibilty of my erect cock getting exposed scared me so much that my strong erection started subsiding. By the time, mom unbuttoned my shorts and pulled it down, my cock was much softer. Mom covered me up to the waist with a sheet and went to the bathroom. She didn't close the door. I saw her loosening her sari and untying the petticoat strings. As the petticoat dropped to her feet, she steeped out of it. As she bent down to pick it up, I could see a part of her boob. She lifted her sari up to her knees and disappeared to the shower area. Now I could only hear the sound of running water and scrubbing of clothes.

I felt rather strange that for last ten to twelve days, I saw mom so many times with this much of exposure and enjoyed her kiss a number of times every day. But I felt nothing. But now I was feeling so horny.

As I was absorbed in these thoughts, mom came out of the bathroom. Now her sari was partly wet, particularly on her bum and thighs.
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