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Stripping For My Nephew-4

My shift flew by. With my particular outfit I was almost dancing nonstop, every damn man in that club wanted a lap dance from me!
Exhausted I headed to the backroom and went to change.

“FUCK!” I yelled

My bag was gone

It happened all the time, some bitch in need of coke money would take the other stripper’s bags hoping their tip money was in there.

I wasn’t a rookie so I knew to hide my money along with my purse and keys in the back locker. But I stopped putting my bag in the back since nothing valuable was ever in it.

“Fucking stupid bitch.” I cursed

Partly at the stripper who stole my bag and partly at myself.

Normally I wouldn’t fret too much about losing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but this meant I had to go home to my nephew in my underwear!

I left quickly in hopes of finding a store open. I drove around but at 10 pm I didn’t have much luck. I decided to cut my losses and head home, I would just sneak in and head quickly into my room.

I walked up to my door and carefully unlocked and opened it.

The damn door creaked as I opened it.

“Hey Auntie.” I heard Tyler’s footsteps walking from the kitchen to the living room “how was the day with your new –“ he cut himself off as I came into his view


“Aunt Carly what happened!?” he asked, half in fear and half in arousal

I was never a good liar, and I would be damned if I could lie myself out of this one

I stood there speechless, my cheeks turning the same color as my undergarments.

He walked over with a look of concern on his face.

“What happened at the office, are you alright?”

I couldn’t bring myself to make up some crazy story of assault or attempted fuck. I decided to come clean.

“Tyler sit down.”

I led him to the couch

My eyes were welling up with tears, I was so ashamed about what I was about to admit to my nephew.

He sat down, the look of concern growing on his face

“What’s wrong Auntie?” he whispered

“I haven’t been working at an office all these years”

“What are you talking about?”

I paused while I looked into his bright eyes. I finally brought myself to say it.

“I’m a stripper Tyler.”

He didn’t back away, he didn’t look repulsed, and he didn’t even break eye contact.

He put held my hand with his and let his other hand rest on my thigh

He then surprised me by letting out a laugh.

“That’s all auntie?”


“Thank god.” He said “by the way you walked in I thought it was something a lot more serious than that.”

“You don’t think this is serious?” I questioned

“Well it’s a shock of course but I understand, Mom told me about how grandma and grandpa kicked her out, and how you went with her and helped out financially, I just didn’t know you did it stripping.”

“I know you probably think I’m a bad person.”

“Not at all, I think even higher of you then I did before, I mean you really love my mom to help her out by stripping, and you must really love me too.”

“You got that right kiddo.” I said as I hugged him tightly. I felt so relieved, like a 50 pound weight was lifted from my back.

I was so thankful to Tyler for being so understanding. I also found myself extremely horny because of how excited he seemed of his Auntie is a stripper.

I started

“So Ty, how bout I show you what your Auntie can do.”

His eyes lit up

“You mean-“


I got up off the couch, revitalized with a brand new sense of confidence and freedom. My pussy was pounding as I stood in front of my nephew; I felt a rush much like the one I did my first time on the stage.

I turned my back to him and started swaying my hips sexually. I stuck my ass out so close that it almost hit his face. I grazed my right hand over my ass and I slapped my ass cheek making my whole ass jiggle.

I opened up my butt so the ***** pink thong would sink into my ass cheeks. I turned around; putting my hands on my waist; thrusting my waist towards him.

I slid my hands up and down my slim stomach before moving my hands up to my bra covered breasts. I squeezed my breasts through the thin fabric. I played with my nipples making them even harder.

I turned around once again; I reached back and unhooked my bra; letting it fall to the floor.

I put my hands over my breasts and turned around; lightly squeezing them in front of Tyler.

I knelt down; bringing my hand covered breasts tantalizingly close to Tyler’s face, he reached to grab them; I leapt back.

I let go of my breasts; but kept 2 fingers on each nipple. I circled my fingers causing my whole breasts to circle.

Slowly; one by one I let go of my breasts; first left then right.

Tyler was drooling; his hard on evident.

I grabbed my breasts, bringing each one to my mouth and licking the nipple.

I turned around shoving my ass once again in Tyler’s mouth.

He went to go grab it I once again moved away; shaking it from side to side to tease him.

I put my thumbs between the fabric of my thong and my waist. I yanked it up and inched it down; side by side. Slowly I inched it down farther and farther until my ass was bare. I slid it down my long legs before taking it off and twirling it on my finger. I threw my thong at Tyler. He caught it and sniffed the wet spot on it. Apparently my pussy was getting quite wet.

I faced him revealing to him my clean shaven pussy. I inserted my index finger into my wet pussy and licked my juice. I was so horny.

I walked towards Tyler and sat over him with knees on either side of his waist, I grinded my bare pussy against his dick through his pajama pants.

“So what do you think of my dancing?” I whispered in his ear

“Amazing!” he whispered “Please keep going.”

I smiled

I leaned in and planted a kiss on his cheek. He returned the favor, and then our lips met each others. He slipped his tongue into my mouth; catching me a bit off guard, for thirteen he actually wasn’t a bad kisser.

Our tongues wrestled as we gently explored the vicinity of each other’s mouths. While we kissed he ran his hand up to my breast and started playing with my already erect nipple. My pussy was dripping wet by now.

With my right hand I slid down his pants and boxers; his 5 inch cock sprang free.

“Baby just holds on for as long as you can alright, I’m going to make this very enjoyable for you.”

He nodded; knowing what was coming.

My pussy slipped on to the head of his dick, I slowly started moving it up and down his shaft. Tyler stopped kissing me and even let go of my breasts as he just lied back and moaned. He was in heaven right now as his Aunt’s warm pussy enveloped his young cock.

He started moaning louder and louder. His hands clenched the sofa cushions as he was about to cum. I let him cum deep in my pussy. Due to the chances of occasional unexpected sex in my occupation I was on the pill so I wouldn’t get pregnant. I felt his dick go from rock hard to limp as his juices drained out.

I got off of his dick when it was fully limp; I still sat on his lap though. He kissed my lips.

“I love you Auntie.” He whispered into my ear

“I love you too kiddo.” I whispered back as I once again started kissing him.

After a few minutes he once again found his libido as he started squeezing my breasts once again.

I slid down his body until my knees hit the floor. He combed his hands through my silky blonde hair. I brought my lips to his semi limp penis and planted my full lips on his penis head; right away it jolted up.

I put my lips around it and slowly made my way down his shaft. Tyler moaned

“Oh Auntie that feels sooo good.”

I slowly started working his cock faster with long strokes. I took my mouth off of his dick and licked his shaft from base to head; sending shivers up Tyler’s spine.

I put it back in my mouth and deep throated it. Slowly I started sucking it. Tyler started moaning louder and louder. I started sucking faster and faster until I felt Tyler’s body tense up; I knew what was coming. I deep throated his cock and accepted my nephew’s hot cum in my mouth. I kept his dick in my mouth until it once again became soft; depositing all of his juices in my mouth.

Tyler put his head back on the couch cushion and exclaimed

“Wow Aunt Carly that thank you that was amazing.”

I lied down on the floor and started fingering my dripping pussy.

“I know how you can repay me sweetheart”

I spread my legs wide.

Tyler smiled as he got down from the couch and crawled towards my juicy pussy.

He brought his head close to it and licked it, sending jolts throughout my body. He soon put his lips deep within my pussy. He flipped my body around and started massaging my ass cheeks while licking my pussy from behind.

He split my juicy cheeks apart to get his mouth deeper into my pussy

Before I knew it I was moaning out loud. My moans just encouraged Tyler to lick me deeper and faster.

Soon I couldn’t take it anymore

“Fuck me Ty! Fuck me Hard!” I moaned.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He took his tongue out of my pussy and replaced it with his once again rock hard dick. He started thrusting away, soon pounding me much harder than last time.

The sex was fantastic; getting fucked by my nephew gave me a rush I had never felt before. His dick in me felt so good; it definitely wasn’t the biggest I ever felt but it just hit me in the right spot.

And he was definitely pounding away at that spot.

Due to all the cum he had expelled earlier, he was definitely getting his money’s worth this time round, fucking me like an animal.

I moaned out loud

“Hoch Tyler keep going baby you’re amazing.”

He wrapped his hands around my waist while fucking me harder than ever. My tits were rocking around so much they were almost knocking me in the face!

Then I felt it, my body tensed up.
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