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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 04 : Pt. 01

Maid Watches Son Zaheer Fucking His Mother Ruby

Mummy and I started having sex, three and a half weeks back. My mummy, Ruby was not protected; she used to take birth control pills for some weeks. As we were fucking regularly on daily basis, sometimes it was multiple times in a day as I was having holidays before I joined engineering course. Mummy said to me that taking pills regularly was not safe as it will have some side effects, so we switched to using other means of birth control.

When we were in a supermarket shopping for our groceries, I suggested mummy that we will use condoms from then on. She agreed and we also bought a big box of condoms. And every night we used to fuck using those condoms, in my parent’s queen sized bed and leave those sperm filled condoms on her bed and sleep there in each other arms without any clothes.

Neelu, who was our housemaid, started coming to work after her leave was over. When Neelu would come to work, first of all, she will do dish washing, then she will go to sweep our entire home, starting with living room, dining room, then she will clean all other bedrooms and at last my parents master bedroom and combined bathroom. While cleaning mummy’s bedroom, she started to find used condoms in my mummy’s bed or bathroom. Sometimes mummy would sleep till late in morning due to tiredness from our hard fuckings during previous night. And we made a habit of sleeping in nude daily.

During those times, Neelu got to see that my mummy would sleep in nude and by looking the condition of mummy and her bed, she was sure that mummy was having sex with someone. She was wondering if her madam who was very conservative and religious, started to have an extra marital affair. Out of curiosity, she started to spy on mummy. She would ask me questions like, if my dad was home from abroad or if some guest was coming to stay at our home. But she was unaware of Ruby’s relation with her very own son.

Once, while she was cleaning mummy’s room, I saw her throwing the used condom in dust bin. I then came to know her intentions behind asking those questions. I decided that it is time that she gets to know the truth about those condoms. I planned that I will let her watch my very conservative mummy fucking hard with her only son.

One morning, I woke up early while mummy was still sleeping nude beside me in her bed. I went to living room to watch TV. After awhile, Neelu came for work. She didn’t ring the doorbell as I kept the door open as I knew that it was time of her arrival. I thought this is the perfect time to reveal our incestuous secret.

I told Neelu to clean all rooms except mummy’s room as she was sleeping late and I also told her to clean her room only when I tell her to. While Neelu was doing dish washing, I went to mummy’s room and saw that she was sleeping on her stomach, covering her completely nude body with a comforter.

I went near her, put my head inside comforter and started to lick her ass. When she sensed my wet tongue near her asshole she started to wake up and turned back so that she was on her back now. I moved towards her top by kissing her stomach, sucking her breasts and finally kissing her lips.

All the while mummy pulling me up towards her by moving her hands around my head and playing with my hair. She asked me what the time was. I said it was 11am.She asked me if Neelu came or not. I said she didn’t come yet. Obviously mummy didn’t knew Neelu came and was already working in our kitchen. She said she needs to pee and she will also take bath.

While she was moving towards bathroom, I told to mummy that we didn’t bath together for so many days. She invited me and told to me that I can join her after she completes her natures call. In this mean time, I went outside in living room, where Neelu was working and told her to come and clean mummy’s room after 10 minutes. I also told her to be very quiet when she comes inside. She was puzzled listening to this. She was wondering why I wanted her to be quiet. She didn’t ask me anything as she was to find out this soon enough.

I went back to my mummy Ruby’s room and began undressing on way to her bathroom. So that leaving back track way for Neelu. When I entered bathroom, mummy was brushing her teeth. I was still removing my underwear. Mummy told me that she will be joining me in a while. I kept bathroom door wide open so that Neelu can watch us clearly without any difficulty.

I started the shower and after sometime mummy came behind me and put her arms around my waist from behind and grabbed my cock. I told mummy to suck my cock. She was kneeling down on the floor. I told her not to kneel down. I made her sit down in squatting position such that her back was facing the door.

Within sometime, I got completely hard and mummy was completely sucking my full length and licking my balls alternatively. While my sexy mother was doing this, she was unaware of Neelu?s presence behind her who came and witnessed her very respected memsaab sucking her own son’s cock like a slut.

I moved my finger to my lips, indicating towards Neelu to keep silent and enjoy the show. After a while I removed my cock from mummy’s mouth and told her I want to fuck her. Mummy said that she will not let me fuck her without a condom. I said I will not cum inside her pussy and that I will finish the job by fucking her on her bed. She agreed to this.

I sat down on the bathing stool and made mom sit on my lap, pointing my hard cock to her dripping cunt. As she lowered herself, she took hold of my cock so that she could easily take it inside her pussy. Soon mummy was riding on my cock and unknowingly giving a good show to our maid.

We fucked like this for some time till mummy came twice and then I told mummy that I want to take her from behind. She kissed my lips and got up from my lap, breaking our union.

Without letting her look behind in the door, I moved her towards washbasin and pushed her so that she bowed down a little and I pulled her right leg up from behind and kept on the toilet seat, so that I could easily penetrate her. As my cock’s head entered her pussy, I shoved it harder inside causing mummy to scream loud moans.

While my balls were slapping my mother’s ass, I was looking into her eyes through the mirror above the washbasin. Her hair were let loose and moving from right to left as she was moving forward and backward in response to our fucking. While enjoying her, I would sometime look towards the door, making sure that Neelu was still witnessing our act.

Fearing to get caught but wanting to watch our act reach its end, Neelu moved away from door and was now hiding behind the curtains covering the windows of my parent’s master bedroom. The same curtains which were used every night by we mother son duo to hide our incestuous lovemaking from the prying eyes of the neighbors in the opposite apartments,who I guess spied on my sexy and hot mother’s bedroom every night.

After some more fucking and some climaxes from my mummy, I told her I want to take her on her bed so that I can fuck her hard, to which she replied “beta, now it’s not only my bed, but our bed asyou are fucking me good daily on that bed.” I smiled and French kissed on her lips, sucking her tongue in my mouth.

I took mummy in my arms and she put her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I put my hands on her ass and raised her body and put my penis into her pussy once again and carried her fucking all the way towards her bed. While walking out, I indicated Neelu to stay behind the curtains and be calm, motionless and quiet.

When we reached near bed, I threw mom on it. She moved back on bed, adjusting the pillows, saying to me, “Wow beta, with you I feel young all again. Now days I’m enjoying so much that I didn’t enjoy it even with your father when I was a newly married bride.”

I went near her, pulled her legs toward me, pushed her back on bed and stretched opened her legs so that I can enter her once again. I got on top of her, took my hard cock and started rubbing on her trimmed pussy.She was moaning in heat begging me, “come on beta Zaheer, now don’t tease me please, fuck me soon and finish it. I want to finish this and take bath before Neelu comes for work.”

I replied, “Don’t worry mummy, that won’t be a problem.”As soon as I entered inside my mummy, she closed her legs tight around my ass and pulled me towards her and started cuming once more. I put my hands beneath her and took hold on her shoulders to stop her from shaking from orgasm and begun pumping fast. Soon I was feeling my balls filled with cum and I couldn’t control myself.

I remembered that mom was unprotected, so when I was ready, I removed my cock from my mummy’s cunt and moved towards her mouth with my hands stroking my cock. I told her, “mummy I want you to take this one in your mouth. You will get some energy.” Without replying mummy opened her mouth and started sucking my cock.

Within seconds of this,I started cuming inside mummy’s mouth and she was gulping down my semen till it was completely vacuumed out from my cock.

Both of us feeling completely exhausted and panting hard, I dismounted mummy’s chest and lay beside her on bed and pulled her towards me to take her in my arms with one of my hand on her ass and other playing with her boobs.

Mummy moved her left hand and left leg on me and was partially on top of me. Now I thought it was time for Neelu to know all about our affair and come out in front of mummy. I told her, “Mummy, I am very lucky to lose my virginity to a woman who gave birth to me.”

Neelu now knew that my first time was with my mummy. Mom laughed at hearing this and told, “I thank God, that he gave me such a beautiful beta, you are pleasuring your mother so much, and filling in your father place in this house and also in my bed.
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