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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 32

Zaheer Fucks Zara Phupi & Ruby Mummy after the Birth of His Baby

Present Day

I continued fucking my mother and pregnant aunt Zara. Now both the women were sleeping with me every night. There were no more secrets left between us now. Every night I got to fuck my mummy and Zara phupi together in my parents bed.

When Zara phupi was seven months pregnant, we went to hospital for a check up which was done two times a month at that stage. Doctor had a detailed check up of Zara since she had a history of three failed pregnancies.

After check up, doctor came out and started discusiing about phupi’s health with me. Since she knew that I fucked my aunt and made her pregnant, nothing was hidden from her about our relation.

Doc: “Zaheer…. I want to ask you something…..”

Me: “yes doc…. What you want to know….???”

Doc: “are you still having sex with your phupi???”

Me: “yes doctor….. why???? Is something serious???”

Doc: “no….. nothing much serious…. But I advice you to stop having hsex with her now…. Atleast till she gives birth to your child….”

Phupi: “doctor… please tell me that everything is normall….. I don’t want to loose my baby again…..”

Doc: “don’t worry Zara….. everything is normal….. and if you want your child to be normal…. I advice to stop doing sex at this stage…. It is not good for your baby….”

Me: “sure doctor…. I will not have sex with her till our baby is born….”

Only on doctor’s advice, from that day itself I stopped fucking my pregnant Zara phupi. And from that night, only my mummy Ruby was my sex partner. We fucked every night in her bed while Zara phupi was sleeping in my bedroom.

Soon the day came when I finally became a father for the first time. Zara phupi gave birth to my son. Both of them were doing well and were healthy. I thought I could fuck my aunt soon after we go home in order to celebrate the birth of our love child. But doctor said me that I cannot fuck her more 15 days since she need to recover.
Phupi wanted to name our son after my grandfather and her father (who was also her lover). So we named him ZUBAIR AHMED KHAN.

Naeem uncle was not there when our child was born. He came the other day to look at the baby. Since it was a tradition that a woman stays at her parents home for more than three months after the birth of first child, Naeem uncle agreed for her to stay with us. Five days after my son’s birth, we got them home and took care of both mother and son very well. A lot of well wishes came. Even my daddy, Zafar called and congratulated Zara phupi and her husband Naeem uncle.

My aunt, Zara phupi and our new born son were put up in my bedroom and every night I was spending with my mummy Rubina, fucking her brains out in her bedroom. Mummy was very happy the way her life was moving. An obedient son who was also her perfect lover satisfying all her sexual needs. It has been 13 months since our affair started and the passion from our incestuous relation never decreased. We still used condoms while fucking because my mummy didn’t want to get pregnant.

When my son was 40 days old, I got a chance to do a threesome again with my mummy and phupi. After we got naked, first I made oral with both the ladies and then I wanted to fuck my aunt first because I missed fucking her for last 3 months. She was also begging me to take her first instead of my mummy.

I fucled Zara phupi for some time and then our son started to cry. My mummy was laying naked beside us on her bed, fingering her cunt. I asked her for some help.

Me: “mummy….. please take my son in your arms…. He is crying…… I don’t want to stop fucking phupi now….. once I finish with her… she will attend the baby……”

Mummy: “ok beta….. I will take care of baby…. Afterall he is my grandson…..”

Mummy took my son and tried to pacify him. But he was crying non stop. Whatever mummy did, he was not stopping to cry.

Mummy: “Zara….. your son in hungry….. I think you should feed him……”

Phupi: “please bhabi…. Take care of him for some more time….. I will take him once Zaheer finishes with me……”

I kept pounding phupi harder and harder, but our son was still crying. So I stopped fucking her because I didn’t wanted our son to be hungry.

Phupi: “what happened Zaheer…. Why did you stop???”

Me: “Phupi….. I will fuck you later…. But first you feed my baby,….i don’t want him to be hungry….. you will get my cock later……”

I released my cock from her and I took hold of her thigh and moved her away from me. She moved beside me and mummy put my son on the bed beside Zara phupi, she was already naked so she didn’t need to take her breast out to feed the baby. As soon as mummy put my baby down, she came and kissed me and got down on her back on bed and asked me to come in between her legs.

I fucked mummy for some more time and kept looking at Zara phupi who was still breast feeding our son. Mummy wanted to change the position, so she sat up with my cock still inside her pussy and sat on my thighs. No she was riding me whilst sitting. She was enjoying very much. Mummy’s phone which was on the side table started to ring.

We looked at it and mummy asked phupi, “Zara….. please check the phone…. And answer it…. I am a little busy now….”

Phupi’s nipple was still in our son’s mouth and she moved her hand around to take the mobile phone. She saw on the screen and told, “bhabi…. Its bhaiyya calling…. From Dubai…., should I answer it….”

Mummy: “aaah……no Zaraaaa….. not nowwwww….. I am fucking my son….. he will listen to our moans…..aaahhhh”

Me: “come on mummy…. We answered daddy’s call many times before also when we were fucking…. So why not this time….???”

Phupi: “tell me soon….. should I take the call or not?????”

Me: “answer it phupi….. talk to daddy while I fuck his wife……”

Phupi answer the phone, “hello….. bhaiyyaa….. how are you……????”

She talked for some time with my daddy while I fucked mummy, but suddenly we got a shock.

Phupi: “whattt….bhaiyyaaa….. you are coming back from Dubai…… and tomorrow only…….”

Mummy got worried as she heard this. She soon got up afrom my cock and took the phone from phupi’s hand. Her breathing was still fast and heavy.

Mummy: “hello….. Zafar…… are you coming back to India…..????”

Me: “mummy…. Put the phone on loudspeaker….. I also want to hear….”

Daddy (on phone): “yes….. I am coming back….. I will be leaving tomorrow evening…..so I may reach there by night……”

Mummy: “but why are you coming suddenly……????”

Daddy (on phone): “well…. I want to see the baby….. my sister’s son….. and since he is named after our father….. I cant stop anymore…… so I am coming for my nephew……”

Mummy: “but you should have informed us in advance…..”

Daddy (on phone): “why Ruby…. Are you not happy that I am coming home…. Afterall you will get a good fuck from me once I come there…..”

Mummy: “ok…. So shall we come to airport to receive you……”

Daddy (on phone): “no…. no need to come…… since it will be very late at night….. I want you to stay at home with Zara and her baby and take care of them…. Just send our son Zaheer to pick me up from airport……..”

Mummy: “ok…. He will be there……”

Mummy disconnected the phone and got panicked.

Mummy: “beta Zaheer….. your daddy is coming….. we have to stop everything…… from tomorrow…. We should behave just like a normal mother and son….we cant keep fucking around like this…”

Me: “mummy….. please relax…. Why are you panicking….. we will see what we can do later…..”

Mummy: “what is there that we can do…. You have to stop fucking me…… till you daddy returns back to Dubai…..”

Me: “mummy…. Do you think that I will stop fucking you….. you also know that its not possible….”

Mummy: “we don’t have a choice beta….. we don’t want to get caught…..”

Me: “we will think about that later mummy….. but right now I want to empty my balls….. see you have already wasted a condom…… now I need another condom to roll after my cock gets hard again….”

My cock lost all its hardness and became limp after daddy’s call. But I was not done fucking with my two beautiful matured women. Mummy lost the interest because of that call but Zara phupi was ready for me as our son had slept now.

Zara phupi came towards me and put her head down in my lap to suck my cock. My cock started to grow as she played with my cock in her mouth. I asked mummy. “mummy…. Please get another condom from your drawer…… I cant move now as phupi is sucking mee…..”

Mummy got the condom and threw it on the bed near us. Phupi saw this from the side of her eyes and popped my cock out of her mouth. She opened the condom wrapper and put the condom in her mouth and got in between my legs again to roll the condom down on my hard cock.

When it was done, she released my cock and and got down back on bed. She holded my cock and pulled it towards her pussy. I moved in and inserted my cock inside her. I began rocking in and out of her.

Phupi: “aaah….. Zaheer…… fuck me beta…. Fuck your phupi…… fuck me hard…… I was missing your cock from so many days betaaa…… fuck me…….”

Me: “yes my darling….. take it all….. I love you….. you deserve my cock phupi….. after giving me such a beautiful gift….. my first child…… you deserve my cock darling……”

I kept fucking her for some time and then she said she wanted to change the position,
Phupi: “beta….. I want to sit in your lap and fuck you…. I want to ride you cock Zaheer beta….
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