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Plight Of An Indian Housewife Part 2

Luckily the way I was standing, he could expose my legs only up to my knees. But my happiness was short lived, as I did not realize that although he could not pull up my sari, his hands definitely could. The man behind me grabbed me by my waist and pulled me back.
This made me lose my balance as I lost the grip of the handle I was holding. As my entire weight fell on him, I felt his erection on my ass. He seemed really hard. He was about the same height as me. He now smelled my hair with deep breaths. He caught my long hair and swung it forward.
By now the sitting person had his hand under the sari on my bare inner thigh. His hand moved upwards, reaching centimeters from my crotch. He stuck up his middle finger and brushed my slit over the panty. This made me weak in my knees and I also lost my grip on my purse, making it fall to the floor. He started caressing my cunt over the panty. He even tugged my underwear into my cunt, moving his finger around slightly. My body started to respond to his touch, as my

cunt stared to get wet. But then the hand withdrew.
The hand then caught hold of my hand. So I looked to find what he wanted from my hand. My fingers were now touching his swollen cock head, as his other hand frantically shagged it. Before I could realize what was happening, he released his load on my fingers. He then guided my hand to my face. He wanted me to lick it. But I turned away, making him wipe his sticky semen on my cheeks. I tried to wipe it with my shoulders.

At this time I was a couple of stops away from my house. So I decided to get out of this by getting down a stop early and walk home from there. So I shrugged off the two men and rushed to the back door, and got down on the next stop. It was 10 minutes' walk to my house from there. But the sight of the Ticket Checker (TC) greeted me. The sight of this man reminded me that I forgot to pick up my purse in the bus and my ticket was in my purse.
"Where is your ticket madam?" he asked in Bengali.
I replied in English saying I lost it in the bus.

Even as he was listening, his eyes were traveling all over my body. I read his name batch. It had Mr. R.A.Singh written on it. I asked him whether he spoke any Hindi. As he nodded I explained it to him that it was due to the heavy rush, but he did not take my reason and asked why then did I get down one stop early. This question left me silent. He asked me for the fine. I reminded him that I did not have the purse and offered to pay him taking him to the house, which was only 10 minutes away.
He thought for some time, and looked at his watch. It was about 6:45

p.m. and was totally dark and really cold. He said he couldn't do that and would have to take me to the nearby police station, and that someone from the house had to come and pay for me. But I explained to him that I was alone at my house and also new in the city and so did not know too many people too well. He got lost in thought for some time. Then he looked at me and said then I would have to stay in the lock-up till someone paid for me.
I pleaded him to come to my house and collect the fine. He thought for some time, looked around sneakily and then agreed to my offer. He called a guy from the driver's cabin and him to do the job and said that he will meet them in the depot after collecting the fine. So we started to walk. In the way we had to pass through a long lane that had a land under dispute on one side and the backside of a big college campus on the other. This road was a parallel road to a main road and so was only used by a few private cars.

We were walking side by side. I kept thinking about the money I lost in the purse and also that the perverts had my identity card. As I kept walking thinking about the incident, I saw with the corner of my eye that the TC was glancing at me lustfully. This made my heart beat very fast. Also the road was lonely. Seeing no car in the lane, he grabbed my hand and said –
"I'll give you an offer. Let's go to the station or you do as I say. I don't want to waste my energy in fighting you. It's your choice baby."

I looked at the time. It was 7:00 p.m.
"There will be many people around the building", I thought, "watching me with this man, they will ask me awkward questions. What if the cops drop me in their car? They may even talk things".
"Come on bitch, I cannot wait forever", he said harshly, bringing me out of my thoughts.
I looked ahead and behind on the road. There wasn't a soul present. I looked down to the ground and nodded shyly. He immediately grabbed me and started walking briskly.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.
He seemed to ignore me and continued to walk. As we reached a small opening in the wall of the empty plot, he pointed me to enter the dark plot. As I was entering the narrow opening, I felt his hands on my ass. Once inside the plot, I looked around. It was totally empty, with about 2 feet of grass covering. There were no lights inside the plot. The only light was that from the streetlights. The plot was fairly large. About 200 meters long and more than 300-400 meters deep from the street.
He pulled me towards the center of the plot, and then left my hand. As I rubbed my hand to relieve the soreness, he removed his own shirt and vest. He had a really hairy chest.

"I don't want to hear a single word from you. Do you understand?" he said.
I nodded. He signaled me to get down on my knees in front of him. So I positioned myself inches from his zipper. He then proceeded to slip down his trousers. He wore the traditional Indian underwear. His dick was really standing in the loose underwear. He untied the knot of the thread and let it drop to his ankles. He was not really long. Maybe 6 inches. He caught my hair and pulled my head towards it. So I opened my mouth and let it enter my oral cavity. As he kept running his hand through my long tied up hair, I kept sucking on his tool, holding it at the base with my hands. I was feeling really cold. When he put his hand on my shoulder, he found the safety pin holding onto my chiffon sari. He removed it promptly.

After about 5 minutes of sucking, he stopped me. He took me to a corner of the plot. He was only in his shoes and socks. I was carrying his clothes. As we reached a corner, he pushed me to the wall. Then he pulled off my sari from my shoulders. My blouse always has a tantalizing neckline, ending just at the start of my cleavage (this is the way my husband likes it).

He looked really desperate. He stared at my breasts for some time, as they heaved up and down due to my heavy breathing. He suddenly put three fingers of each hand on the blouse and ripped it open. I always wore black bras. He pulled my blouse down to my elbows. This caused my hands to be restricted in their movement. He launched himself on my boobs, squeezing and cupping them wildly. He especially liked to push my boobs inwards and then lick my cleavage. He even bit my nipples over the bra. For a moment he moved back and then put his hands inside my bra-cups and scooped the tits out, pushing the bra sideways.
Thus now, my boobs were exposed to him, though the bra straps were in the same place. He again launched his mouth on my tits, making them wet with his saliva. As he continued his mauling of my breasts, I looked towards the street to see another crowded bus pass by. His face blocked my sight, as he stopped his sucking. He smiled, and then smooched my lips roughly. He forcefully opened my lips with his tongue and rolled it all around. I'm sure he tasted himself inside my mouth.

At the same time, his hands roamed down to my stomach and then to my waistline. He inserted two fingers into my petticoat and undid the knot holding it onto my waist. As he released the knot, my sari and petticoat dropped in a heap to the ground. He then asked me to lie down on the grass. I was feeling really cold on the wet grass. He saw my shivering body and said- "You need my heat".
Then he positioned between my spread legs. He simply pulled the panty away from my cunt lips and dug his cock into my body.

This was the first time; I had another penis inside me; other than my husband's. This made me really sad and I started to weep. This almost seemed to excite him, as his pumping increased speed. He let out a loud grunt as his semen released into my cunt. I did not experience any climax.
As I lay on the grass exhausted, he dressed up and said-
"How was it babe? Want to meet again sometime?"
I stared back at him blankly. This angered him. He called me a whore and left in a hurry. I looked at my watch. As it was dark, I could not make out the exact time. But it was somewhere around 7:30 p.m. I got up and adjusted my panty. It was thoroughly wet with my and his juices. Then I tucked my breasts back into the bra. I looked around to make sure that no one was around. Then I got into my petticoat and draped my sari. But all except one hook of the blouse were broken. So I carefully adjusted the sari covering up carefully.

I walked the distance to my house in 15 minutes. As expected the building was busting with activity as every evening. I walked up the stairs to the third floor apartment, keeping a really straight face and even greeting anyone I met. As soon as I closed the house door I dropped on the couch and started crying, digging my face into the pillow.

"What am I going to do now? What if the person from the bus finds me? What if the TC blackmails me? Should I talk to my husband about this? He won't trust me anymore. What if my daughter comes to know about it? She will think I'm a slut."
These were the thoughts in my mind as I walked up to my bedroom and entered the bathroom. I removed my clothes and stood under the hot shower. I kept crying as I rubbed my body vigorously with soap, cleaning every part of my body touched by various men. And then I washed my panty vigorously even as the tears kept rolling down my cheeks.
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