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A Royal Impregnation Ch. 04

She was not sure what woke her up, but something disturbed the Rajmata later that night. It had been a crazy night. She had spent an hour earlier that evening supervising her daughter-in-law's impregnation by the Chief of Royal Guards. It had gone reasonably as per plan but both the young lad and the queen had been overcome by lust.

The Rajmata could appreciate the feelings of both, but she had given them strict instructions. In a sense, both had disobeyed her even if it was only the heat of the moment. She could do nothing to stop him from manhandling the royal breasts. She could do nothing to stop the Maharani from beating her heels on the soldier's ass as he lay embedded in her.

"Well, could I have stopped her cunt from gushing? Or him from being extra hard for her!" she thought to herself. There were limits to intervention in such situations. Still, things appeared to have gone reasonably well. Both loyal solider and daughter-in-law had responded to their sponsor and pulled themselves back when she ordered them to do so once the deed was done.

After lust had receded, Samar Singh had responded with sanity and obeyed her orders. She gave him no time to linger with the Maharani.

But the images of his sweating body and the rock hard erection even after the fuck, lingered in her mind. Maharani Samyukta's wild response made her jealous; she imagined how that broad weapon of assault must have felt inside her daughter-in-law for that woman to behave with so much wanton display of pleasure. All these images lingered and the Rajmata allowed her own hand to snake down and stroke her own folds to a decidedly unsatisfying, but make-do orgasm. And sleep washed over her tired body.

But this storm woke her up, for the entire tent was shaking. After lying there a while and wondering about masturbating once more she realized this shaking was not accompanied by a roaring wind. There were sounds, tinkling, but most of all, the shaking itself was steady, to a rhythm.

She moved out of her section of the tent to the adjoining section where her daughter-in-law was asleep to see if everything was all right.

She spotted them at the far end of the tent, in the private area meant for the Maharani's dressing.

Rajmata could see the hands under woman's buttocks holding her up, but the vision of the conjoined couple was covered by the darkness of night. Samar Singh walked, staggering away from the Rajmata, his back to her, looking to escape to a different corner of the tent with his booty. The jiggles from his stumbling walk were pleasurable but Samyukta needed a hammering after this tortuous wait for pleasure. She hoisted herself on his shoulder and drove down on his rigid cock. The knobby irregular contours touched every spot. She changed angles and banged down.

She laughed out as the pleasure washed over her. Her breasts rubbed up and down on his bare chest. At last the two lovers had found each other nude. Skin grazed skin and hands were free to reach anywhere for anything.

Maharani Samyukta had crept into his tent and lain alongside him. With focus, her hand had straight reached for his groin and found his erection. It seemed never to have wilted in all the hours that had passed. Samar Singh had tossed about in his bed thinking of his wonderful Maharani, her beautiful breasts, that suckable cunt, the curves. The erection just wouldn't go away and he didn't want to masturbate. What had she meant when she said she would come to him? Was that tonight? If yes, he didn't want to squander the chance by masturbating. As he lay thinking of all this he fell asleep.

He awoke to find his asset a captive in the small hand of Her Highness. She whispered in his ear. "If we are going to take care of this," she said as she fondled the monstrous cock, " it has to be in my tent. I don't want Rajmata sounding general alarm because I am missing."

Unable and unwilling to protest, Samar Singh pushed her hand away to get up. But Samyukta pulled aside his dhoti and covered his cock with her mouth.

"Maharani!" protested Samar Singh, "What is this? How can you do this?"

"Samyukta," she replied, "not Maharani. You want your fill – only Samyukta can provide it."

Her head sank back to the task. She covered him with saliva and fucked his cock with her lips. Samar Singh watched in unbridled lust as his Queen's hair fell over, covering the sight of her puffed up cheeks sucking in his cock.

As she slowly pulled herself off, long streaks of his precum ran from her lips to his cock. She made loud smacking noises and grabbed his cock in her fist. Now she walked, forcing him to follow her closely.

The Queen was behaving like a slut.

When they reached her tent, she leaned up to kiss him on his lips and slid hands under his top. He tasted himself on her lips and as she pulled off his dhoti, he undid the cord of her skirt and let it slip to the floor.

Samyukta raised one leg over his hip as she opened her mouth to suck him in. He dueled back with his tongue. Samyukta's top was a blouse just knotted under her breasts and he undid that, leaving the blouse on her shoulder. Tenderly, his fingertips teased the breasts.

Soon, he had to raise his hands over his head so she could slip off his shirt over the top off his head. Now they were nude for each other as nature had meant them to be.

As Samar Singh's hand went under Samyukta, she hefted herself up and was soon perched on his hips. She opened herself and snagged his cockhead between her lips. She wiggled her hips and sank down. His cook was painfully hard and she chuckled. "You're large, you animal." she said only half jokingly.

Maharani Samyukta had discovered the pleasure seeking slut in herself. No sooner had her cunt juiced up enough to accommodate the invasion she commenced bouncing up and down on the cock.

The warrior in Samar Singh was not willing to passively let the woman take him. But she was going like a wild beast with no stopping.

His strong powerful hands lifted her off and he pulled her up till the head was just inside her dripping tunnel. He paused there, to send her a signal that she could not move without his consent. She wiggled and grunted. "Chhodo, kya kar rahen hain aap," she wailed. (Leave me, what are you doing?)

"Ab aap kuch nahi karengi. Ab job hi karma hai mujhe hi karma hai, Maharani Samyukta," he said in a full strong voice, for the first time speaking authoritatively while using her name. (Now you will do nothing. Whatever has to be done will be done by me.)

Holding her firm, he let her weight drive her down, dropping her on his cock.

"Unhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, haieeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screamed.

Encouraged by that signal of pleasure, he manipulated Samyukta and pounded her down. For a few minutes, she could just as well been a clenched fist fucking his cock. There was only her cunt and his cock. Her cunt was now less slippery with the fluid flows being less viscous than before. It made her feel raw and more sensations transmitted from his flesh to hers.

"Hai! Haan. Aise. Yoon. Bilkul. Fuck me. Fuckk. Fuckkkkkkk! She blabbered.

He felt her nipples run on his chest and now wanted to suck on them. He simply had to have her. Those heaving, jutting breasts were asking to be milked, nibbled, and eaten. He bent his head, moving his hands further up her back. That way, she could lean back without being nervous of falling over and he could bury his face in her chest.

Samyukta's arms reached out and found the tent pole in one hand and a tethering cord of the tent in another hand. She hoisted herself upward. She now propped herself up so she could counter attack him. She fucked downward, lifting herself off using her newfound supports. What she had not realized was the ropes and tent pole were transmitting the rhythm of their fucking to all of the tent. The Rajmata was now watching from one corner of the tent.

Samar Singh's lips found their target in the breasts and he sucked in the juts of flesh, sliding them in and out. Samyukta wiggled her hips as Samar's fucking slowed. The breasts slid in and out of his mouth coated in saliva.

"Chodo, chodo!" she screamed frantically, to make sure he knew he had slowed down. The use of the coarse words shocked Samar Singh. (Fuck me! Fuck me!)

It also shocked the Rajmata. Her doubts on whether to masturbate evaporated as jealous lust gripped her own body. She felt her breasts inflame as she saw Samar Singh consume her daughter-in-law's breasts. And now when she heard her beg in the rawest words to be fucked she felt intensely jealous. Her pussy which had been dormant for years since her husband's demise was now submissive jelly.

Bent to her breasts and savoring both, Samar Singh could not simultaneously fuck with his hips effectively. The desperate Maharani hoisted herself up further using the tent pole and the ropes. "Unhhhh. Haaah. Choddddoooooo!" she implored as she took her pleasure from the pole inside her.

As Samyukta hitched herself forward to drive her own body downward, Queen and Soldier embraced each other fully. Over her shoulder, Samar Singh's eyes locked with those of the shocked Queen mother. Her plan seemed to have gone horribly wrong. She now was at the mercy of her daughter-in-law whose sexual chemistry was in a spiraling meltdown.

The alternative was to intervene and physically stop things. But the Rajmata's own confidence was low because of her intense arousal at the unfolding saga of lust . Her protestations were at a superficial level. Her own cunt was slippery with juices. She did not have the guts to go near Samar Singh in this state. It was perhaps the single biggest factor holding her back.

With eyes on the Rajmata, Samar Singh's hand roamed the Queen's bare sexy back. He stroked and caressed every cell in his lover's body, awakening the body even more fully to the possibilities of a complete meltdown. Samyukta held his head now.
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