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In that train travel

I am a man of 47 with a nice family and kids. Till now I have never had another lady even though many a chances were there. Even a colleague has moked me that she doubts of my kids father. .I felt bit bad still only avoided her. I used to talk all to my wife .Then she has laughed for that comment ant told me that the comment was on her infidelity. She also told me that she will give an answer to her in due course.. We were in the neighborhood so both were known . In general ladies in our office used to believe me and even used to approach for some help. My wife being a qualified doctor used to meet many of my friends for her professional help..
This incident happened in a travel to bombay for a conference. I being the top officer then was asked to go. Office have booked tickets and all reqd articles.I was dropped to the station. When the journey has started I found my neighbor was a lady of 30 or so bit plumb and tall with medium colour . She was very sophisticated and probably married. I was in a lower berth. She has requested for that and I have agreed. No further talks in that night I do like to see ladies even from teens older till they have some beauty. That was not a crime. I never used to tell or make them feel my opinions to them or any others except to my partner. We used to enjoy those comments and if having photos when we are alone. That was our hobby. We even used to imagine how they could be enjoyed and sone cases by some of our friends. .Even though she does not say about male friends she liked my stories. According to her this was the reason for my control.. . But I also feels that getting a top class doctor with my love story was also a reason . I was not ready to go against her in any sast . When I was a simple representative she has liked me and we have got married. Then many degrees and fame made her a vvip of the town. I also has climbed up but not that level. So I am at sake of loosing always. She has never told ill of me nor avoided me in sex so we were happy..
The train has reached in a station with much sound and movements .some has entered in and there were 2 people for at least for 2 hours. I knew that they were with out proper tickers. I had a photo of them in case any problem happens. I was having an eye on them . the time was 2 AM. She was in deep sleep with covering her body with a dark sheet. But her left leg was out of that. The people was talking in hindi about her .The light was light blue and occasionally the station lights peep in . They were waiting for that to have good view. The younger man was explaining her as similar to a Hindi star even by seeing her feet and calf..They were explaining her would be pusee and even the hair colour. .Then the young man has sat on the floor and has looked to my seat. I have posed as if in deep sleep. .He has moved to her feet and has kept his lips on her sole very lightly. She was ,I hope, felt some irritation and has moved or jerked her feet for one or two times. He never has moved an has enjoyed that touch on his face. then slowly he could move her chadder from her legs to see her left one up to her lower thigh. I was so irritated and had a n erection. But stayed calm. I also have opened my cam with out a faasf expecting some scenes to cherish later. It was a real scene. So much was the beauty of her shapely calf and thigh view.He was so daring that he has in fact kissed on them with so slightly that she was unaware. The other was having serious hand work by sitting on his lower berth. He had a 8 or 9 inch organ in full form with black hairs and red tip. He could stop it only after the spray of his milk.
I was very jealous of those men. Even though with low bread and less educated and cultured they had the guts to enjoy with guts. If alone they would have simply used her . It would have been a real scene to watch ,I thought.The iron like black metel on the wheat coloured butter body and the force of male power crushing the lady .. I was dreaming.The old man was exactly telling that. Ye bullu just climb on her and start, He also was ready to stop me if required. In fact I have feared of their attack. By then a big station has reached and they have left. Before that the youth has really licked her chappels and finally on her thighs..Further no one has came. I have got up only at 7. nd foune that she was in a crying position. All he luggages were taken away along with her address to which she was going. She also was moving for the first time and has to reach to a interior maharashtra. It was so sad .As usual I have consoled her and has greed for all help. She has told her story . She was a nurse and was alone after her husbands divorce and re marriage. She was to leave her house by fear of her ex husband who was a brutal politician. Her brother was willing to arrange a job for her in a big hospital. Finally I have given my identity .By the familiarity to almost all doctors our company people wil be ready to help me if I tell them that she is my sister ir so. She was some how came to bit normal. Then the rest journey was on my control. It was then I could see her and knew her from closely. Some other people have come and the seats were full. She was considered as my wife and she also have felt that as good for her. By reaching bombay she has taken that freedom to sleep on my shoulder. ON getting down I was taken to my hotel along with my wife. People were happy that I have come with family. Their talk about some medical terms were well known to her and has adjusted. .After bath she was to manage with my pyjama and shirt since we had to get new sarees and maxie's. I had seen her in almost naked body when she could not wear the jubba. .It was too much for me. I have caught her and has kissed her and she has also well supported. She was taken to the royal bed and I have done all that those goons have thought of doing. .I have told those scenes and was happy to suffer my forceful sex. . . She has no issues, since her ex hus was a eunuch. It was that made him angry to her beauty. She was sure that the next wife also will be treated similarly. .She was so happy to know that her feet and legs are beautiful to me and also for those thieves but not for that fellow even after living for 4 years. He was ready to give me to some of his leaders to get some post. She was against it and so the violence Her view was that ". Had She met me before I would have got a child for him and would have been the end of his violence."
The entire 3 days we had all type of sex which I couldn't have got from my wife. She was againsy oral and annel as unhealthy. BUt that also was fulfilled by her. With in that period I could arrange a job in her a good hospital of excellence . And that was the start of sex from others. .I have understood that sex outside is more happier that from wife. But wife has that sweetness and the other have sour and hot when having in short periods. I do come rarely to her even after her mre marriage with a maratti, and is with a kid of mine. I have told the fact to my wife except the fuck part. BUt she was of opinion that I should have used her if she was willing. Such forceful control if unhealthy. She was open to me that if salman khan has fell for her she would have simply given all to him. But her standard was so high she is happy with me. So I am now not controlling sex but not using force for that. In my position I do get them with out asking and with my name as a gentleman it is easy for mr to have teen agers. Wife also is happy for me if the party was of high quality. . Since we are now in near fifty she has no chance nor interest to have a man but never has stopped sex with me. BUt she used to have better sex when I am telling the action with some teen girl or a beauty. The interesting fact was that I had that lady who has doubted my fatherhood when trapped in a serious problem. She has willingly give all for my help to the happiness of my wife. She also was a living proof that in my 50 years also I am with power to make her pregnant. .She was the only lady whom I have forced to give that also for teaching her my wifes purity. According to wife the kings of the past never used to run for girls. But they were presented or they have attracted to him to have a taste. Only cheep and powerful run for that. They have no chresma to attract
and the power to use. Many film actors actresses,sports men, ladiesused to have girls but most of then comes and fall for being used for their happiness... That is life and who are we to critisise their personal lives..
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