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infatuation and lust are one and the same

I am a lady of 40 with a well made rich and happy family. I am also working. children have moved to college and now I became free. It was now I have searched sex stories and found this site. So also Have gone back to my teen ages. We were a jamindar family with having an administrative power after the king. >But later the kingdom has gone and still villagers were having that fear and respect to us. Ai that time we were 3 cousin sisters and 5 brothers from different brothers , actually fathers brothers. So we were a big joint family. Uncles were doing the agriculture and there marketing. .Education was only up to 10 th but were considered as most educated. People used to approach them for all their problems.I felt that people used to love them . All the brothers were gust hi maniacs. Most of their free time was for that. So also they were very muscular. In those days sex was not a taboo to the poor. They never care much for that or could not resist much. In my early teens I have heard many stories like the ladies who used to come to father or uncles with their daughters for some help. One aunt used to tell that those are trying to attract their husbands for land or money. But no one used to object their husband. I was not clear why to come with girls even just elder to me for money. Then no public also used to spread these stories like in this period. That was strictly personal then.
One day I was a witness to an incident that made me clear that sex is some thing painful ,and also aunts also couple give help for young boys. In those days we had a boy of 26 or so working in our fields. He also has access to kitchen for helping aunts and servants when special occasions. I have seen him with naked chest and a half kachha reaching to his lower thigh. He was jet black and muscular. He used to stay with much respect even in front of me. I was 13 then. It was again after one more year I have got maturity. But before that I have understood sex..He was taller than me then about 5.3 or so. Aunt was just above him in height. She was the middle one and was the beautiful with color of sandal paste. It was heard that she was also from a very rich land lord. Other aunt and my mom was from ordinary families.. They have come through their beauty only. That day there was a marriage of one of our family friend. My father was the best man. So all have gone for that in bullock carts. The car was not able to travel through that kaccha road. I was in fact was suffering from a foot sprain and so aunt has stayed back. It was about 3 or so in the early morning. .I have got a severe pain in my feet. So have got up and heated it on the heater as we used to do with a cloth bad. Soon I was started sleeping. Then I have heard some sound that I felt of the front door has opened.Thar used to produce a special sound and since I used to stay near that area ,was well aware of that. Since aunt was alone I thought of telling that to her. When reached that area she was found embracing that boy -Butt. I have soon stayed back being a wall. .Later I have moved to her room and has peeped through a space. By then both were naked. Aunt was so beautiful and golden . The balk Bitu was like a dirt on her . She has lied on the bed while the boy has sucked her breasts. I have doubted whether he has got milk or was a foolish act. He has licked all over her why she was smiling . Even he has licked her feet soles and sucked her fingers while she was kicking in a jovial way. By then the boy had a long stick from his waist. I have understood that and he has pushed it to her pusses. Soon his pumping and her laugh was a scene for me. I have understood the real use of both organs.
From then I used to search whether the boys have erection in my presence. .Soon I have dot matured. With in 6 months I had my breasts and fatty body. Then one day I have seen a lump in the washer mans waste. So I have understood my sexy look. In those days I used to hear many stories of incidents all around our family from servent ladies. I liked to see sex and hear that. Then one vacation I was away to my moms house. The grand mother and dado was left me at home and went for a marriage. It was a nice house . Uncle was away then. Then came the old servent who used to be their caretaker. He was ready to stay till their arrival. He also have bought food and different fruits from the village. In our compound itself there were many tees like mango jack fruit jamoon etc. So I have wandered around for plucking that. He has followed me and even taken in hand to climb on some trees. .I have to jumbo for him to catch. I also liked hid embrace . Then in the noon WE had a nap. He has also came to my room and has slept on the floor. I have noticed that he has a tent in his waste with his lunki. It was my effect I was happy then. I have soon opened my Saya and showed my thigh and butt for irritating him. An old fellow of more than 60 could not do any thing. I have told myself. The penis was more than 9 inches and also with so thick . It was the biggest I have seen. Had he be an young man he would have used me and would have made me happy, I felt.
Then I have just slept for some minutes. I have got up by some touch on my face. .By then The old fellow was on me. I had no chance to even move. He has told me not to shout .and if so he may eat me ,and only bones will remain. He may call some of his friends for that. I have got feared by seeing his red eyes and dark face. He has thrown away all my cloths and has introduced his this dick with slow strokes. It was not at all a happy sex so much bleeding than that of a periods quantity. I was happy when he has finished. But he has not stopped there.. He has gone for a gap and came with another old man with all white haired body. He had still larger penis and he has first made me to do oral. I have resisted but his strength was more. . Both have done again at both ends. It was my last sex before marriage. .From the talk between those Buddhas I could knew that they have done this many times, specially in girls of top families. They have compared me with mt mothers elder sister for the smell and breasts. I have been asked to come again after a month . But I was very careful since then. .
Only after marriage I have understood the happiness of sex. He was using me as a violin or a musical organ in bed. Now after these years I suddenly felt for that forceful sex. Had I been bit more elder the sex would have been enjoyable. . All those and my aunt is no more but the cycle will be continuing as usual.
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