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Hello Readers
Before I start it’s important that you read the first episode so that you are able to connect better. Now, after last night of extreme lust and satisfying role playing sex, our sex life had a spice to it. Shipra and me often fucked each other wherein she played herself as Sajal. But the real difference that came in me was the way I actually felt for Sajal. I was lusty towards her always wanting to fuck her hard. Days past by, I started to look for reason to come to Sajal and knowing Sajal’s attitude often she use to play along to my flirts and flirt me back. We started to have more and more parties with Sajal and Akash. In each party I would leave no chance to flirt with Sajal, even Shipra also assisted me to get closer to her.
Shipra was also turned on with the thought of me being with other woman. She was hornier after each party and would fuck me even harder after it. But this was not helping in real sense, our sex Life was good but we both wanted it to go next level.
Atleast there came a day, never believed that it would happen like this. So this was the time when our company was expanding it had newly opened an office in Mumbai and our boss wanted few employees from Indore Branch to go to Mumbai and help people with setting up and operations. So finally it was decided that me and Akash will go to Mumbai for a month. We both left to Mumbai and it became a dull period as we both were working for long hours. But Shipra would tell me that she and Sajal are literary spending whole day together in our absence. She would tell me that she is trying to get her in bed but she is not opening up with her , to which I was disappointed. Anyways after 20 odd days, our boss in Indore calls me back due to an important project work. So the very next day I flew back to Indore leaving Akash behind in Mumbai. While on my flight, my mind was fixed on the idea that these days without are the only possibility for my fantasy to turn into reality before Akash is back.
So I reached back home, I told Shipra what I want to do and she was equally excited with the idea. But the question remained how are we going to achieve this . So we decided to try out are chances to the maximum.
I would go to office and everytime I was about to return Shipra would call Sajal to our place with some or the other reason. I would find her daily she would eat drink everyday with us. One evening, we all were sitting Shipra made excuse that she forgot her phone in the grocery shop just outside our apartments and told us to continue as would return in about 15 mins. Finding Sajal alone I started complementing her for her beauty to which she blushed while talking I care close to her and sat beside her. She also adjusted herself to make some space between her. I made several tries but all failed by then Shipra returned. This was not going as per plan. So we decided to do something else.
Weekend had arrived and Akash was returning on Tuesday after that there was no possibility. So on Saturday night we planned to go to disco, Shipra insisted Sajal to come with us , she agreed hesitantly. So we both got ready Shipra wore a short black and brown dress with a full zipper in front , which would be opened and the dress would split open from front. Shipra kept her zipper low to show her cleavage. We straight headed to Sajal’s house . To our surprise she was wearing a tight skin hugging short dress. You could admire all her assets in that dress I was seriously turned on seeing her in that dress. She came an sat at the back of the car. I adjusted my mirror to get full view of her. She was sitting behind in the middle of the seat the dress was so small that it went up to her panties while sitting my eyes were stuck between her legs through the rear view mirror but her legs were joined through out the whole time. As we reached Shipra opened her door and the car lights came on, the moment Sajal shifted right to get of the car her legs opened and I got first glimpse of her black lacy panties. My dick was throbbing. We went inside and started to drink I was on my regular whiskey and offered vodka to the ladies. Drinks and snack continued and the party just became better. The crowd was full and music was awesome. So we went to dance floor and started dancing. The overwhelming crowd gave us very less space to dance we all were touching each other in a triangle. This was my only chance . I started to dance very closely to both started to wrap around my hands over them and I grabbed Sajal’s ass. But this time she did not object at all in turn she took her hand on my ass and groped it hard. I looked at Shipra and gave her the nod she understood everything. I grabbed Sajal and brought her infront of me facing Shipra. All three were like a sandwich Shipra pressed her body against Sajal’s and did the same from behind.
I was rubbing my hard erect cock on her ass and my hands were over her pussy pulling her . She was responding equally with the motion. Shipra grabbed her face and started kissing her. I pushed my hand under her dress between her legs and touched her pussy over her panties and her panties were moist with pussy juices. I was on cloud nine. Shipra suggested that we must go back to which Sajal agreed and I had no option but be a slave to them.
I bought the car but this time both Shipra and Sajal went on the back seat. I started to drive and immediately I see both of them kissing violently Shipra puts her hand between Sajal’s legs and open then wide. She switches the lights on . Oooh my cock is tearing my underwear and it’s impossible for me to keep eye on the road.
Shipra continues to kiss her and rub her pussy over her black panty. Sajal also responds and brings the zipper down completely and splits opens Shipra dress. Shipra is wearing the sexy red lingerie which I gifted her last valentine day. They both are passionately kissing and rubbing each other. I said to them please help me also . Sajal hopes over to front seat beside me and grabs my hand puts it on her pussy I start to rub it violently. Shipra closes in behind my seats and take out my cock from the zipper and begins to stroke it. I control myself and drive it straight to the house. Sajal lifts my hand and take off her panties and puts it in glove compartment and open her legs wide and starts to rub her pussy . The aroma of her juices fill up the car I drive and reach home. They both quickly get out and rush inside and I quickly lock the vehicle and follow them.
I reached the door and the door is locked from inside. They have locked me outside. I start to receive watsapp msgs from Shipra. They are nude images of them. Oh I am so turned on I beg them to open the door and they do finally.
I find them both completely naked. I am stumped seeing them like this . Sajal asks me “ what are you waiting for ?” I quickly remove all my clothes. I was about to remove my underwear but Sajal stops me and says “ allow me” she comes close and comes on her knees holds my underwear and pulls it down. My cock is sprung free in front of her face. She blushes and looks at Shipra. Shipra gives her a nod . Sajal holds my cock and brings her mouth near my dick and gives it a lick with her tongue. A jolt of current passes through me and I moan with pleasure. She takes my cock in her mouth and starts to suck it , Shipra comes to me and starts to kiss me. Sajal continues to suck my cock and starts to rub her pussy with the other. Shipra take my hand and places it on her Pussy I start to finger fuck her.
I am moaning with pleasure I suggest to take this to bedroom. And we all move to bed. They both make me lie down there and start to lick and suck my cock turn by turn. Oooohhh I am moaning like never before I grab both of them by their hairs and pull them up. And start to kiss them one after another Sajal is holding my lund and stroking it. I speak up and say to Shipra mujhe Sajal ko Chodna hain to which she replied “ agar usse problem nahi hain toh I don’t mind” we both look at Sajal she takes my hand to wet pussy and asks “ tumhe yeh dekh kar Kya lagta hain “ and she opens her legs wide. I get up and get over her Mera Lund ekdum tayyar hain usse chodne ke liye, Sajal mere land ko apne haath mein lekar apni choot ki taraf karke mujhe khichti hain. Mera Lund uski gili choot mein ghus Gaya . Shipra takes a position on other side of the bed to enjoy the view she opens her legs and starts to finger fuck herself . I start to fuck Sajal now she moans aaaaaahhhhhh on my first thrust and says dheere karo itne bade Lund ki Sadat nahi hain mujhe. I slowly start to thrust her deeper and she continues to moan aaaaaahhhhh oooooohhhhh yesssss chodo mujhe vikaaaassss chodo aur Zor se. Shipra also say chodo Vikas phaad do iski choot . Yeh sunkar I increase my speed I see Sajal’s boobs bouncing in motion and her moans get louder and louder. Shipra also rubbing and finger fucking her pussy hard and moaning. Sajal says Vikas fuck me doggy style and gets up and get on to all fours I insert my dick from behind and grab her both boobs with my hand and start to hump her hard. Shipra comes in front and places her pussy in front of her face. Sajal starts to lick her pussy and same time I am fucking her. All three are filled with pleasure. My dick is unable to hold on longer Shipra also cums by the licking. And says cum in her Vikas fill her up with your juices. I jump her with full speed now and I feel the rush up my cock. I begin to fill up her pussy with my hot load. Sajal is move her ass to take every last drop of it.
All three of us are drenched in sweat , exhausted but sexually satisfied. Sajal rolls over and lies down I place myself between Shipra and Sajal and take both in my arms.
We all kiss each other and doze off. This was that awesome night when my fantasy came into reality. We got up the next morning and had another hot threesome session.
But soon Tuesday came and Akash returned. To my horror company had posted Akash to Mumbai permanently and they were to leave us in a week time.
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