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Posing for an Erotic Painting

We were talking in our living room, me, my husband Ajay and Mr. Subash. Mr. Subash was a world famous artist. And was an old friend of my husband. He was talking about his recent world tour. How he had the opportunities to paint every where in the world how well all of them from around the world helped with his work. And that in here people don't like posing for portraits and they kind of think that these thigs are kind of dirty.
What do you say Ajay?

Well! Yeah you are right. It is true. My husband replied his sudden question.

What do you think about nude portraits? He asked again. you know that I have done so many of them. But only in other countries. It is so hard to find a suitable model for such painting inhere. And I don't like to paint any prostitute as a typical woman. you know it will ruin the real prospective.

You know Subash,I realy think that those are the most beautiful and artistic paintings you have ever created. The one you sent us from Brazil recently was most brilliant. Geetha also agreed with me, we too discussed about that painting so many times.

Did you like that painting too Geetha? Subash asked me suddenly.

I was silent for a moment. Yeah I like that. But how can I discuss such a erotic paint with a strange man? Actually she was not the only person showing nudity in that picture but there were two more male companions who were also totally naked.
I just smilled and told nothing.

See. That's what I was talking about. These ladies are too ahy to open themselves up. Isn't that true Geetha?
Look at her Ajay. She is welll educated. Only 23 years old. Married to u, a modern buisnessman who think diffrently than a tipical local husband. But she still feel shy to tell her real prospective about that painting just because it contain nudity.

I was kind of embrased of his comment. Eventhough it was meant to be a joke it realy hit me hard.
No subash. Actually I think that portrait is simply the gratest one I have ever seen. I realy do like it. I didn't say anything because I totally agreed with Ajay. It is great.

Yeah! She is diffrent from the other typical local girls Subash. After all she is my girl . She must be diffrent. Don't you think so buddy?

Yeah! Yeah! Whatever buddy. I hope so. Subash said with a sly smile.
So you too don't protest against nudity in art? Do you guys?

Nope! We said in unison. Nope at all. Infact we think it realy is the icing of artistic world,Ajay added.

Subash looked at us loong and hard for a cople of minits, are you sure? Do you think that posing nde for a portrait is realy nothing to be ashmed of ?

Yeah! We do.

But I have a funny feeling about this guys. you are just telling these because you don't like to hert an old buddy.

No man. We realy meant it. Ajay said in a ferm voice. Infact I think eyerybody should have there own naked portrait.

Subash was silent again. He looked at us with that same sly smile.

I was so shocked. I coldn't belive what I was hearing.
Then I thouh it was a joke. It must be a joke. I looked at Ajay. He was shocked too. He was siting there with a open mouth without produsing any words like a statue.

Well guys! What do you say? I am sure that you wouldn't refuse. But I need a proper answer.

I felt like I was siting on a hot oven. I was sweating all over.


Ah! I don't think she wold have enough tme to spare. She needs to go to school (I am a teacher) in the morning and in the evening Nimesh is at home, We only keep him at day care center in the morning afterall he needs his mama's atttention more in this age Besides I am sure there will be more glamore and experienced models who will be happy to model for u. I am sure I could help you with that. I have some conctions I will help you to find someone better. Ajay was saying.

I was relived. There is no way I am going to pose for him. Besides I am married, mother of a 3 years old child, doing a respectale job in a school as a teacher no way I could do someting like that.

See.. you are as same as all the other local folks. So boring, so stupid. No real adventure in the life just like I thogh.

He was laughing now loudly.

No! Subash. It is not like that. you know the clture in our country. What if any of our friends see her portraits. It could ruin our whole family. you know well man how traditional my family is. My parents and brothers and sisters are so into our cultral values. you know how big our social netwok is. If anymember of those families foundout we would be no longer us. They all will ignore us. We will be isolated, cut off from the network. Ajay told.

Why? What harm could a simple portrait of ur lovely wife could do to ur family values? Subash asked in a so innocent voice. you are thinking too much man. you are realy no different from ur boring old man.

I was somewhat releived. He was talking oll the time about just a portrait. Not the kind I had in my mind.

Well I realy have no objection. I was just telling about the facts man. Not that I was objecting. If Geetha liks I am totally ok with it. Besides I though...
Eventhogh Ajay didn't finish his sentence I knew exactly what he though. I could see the relife in his face.

Well it is now up to you madam. What do you say? Would you take my offer?
Subash was looking anxiously at me.

What could I say? I looked at my husband. He was kind of ignoring my glance. Is there any escape?
I can't say I am not interested Subash. But I am kind of busy these days. I have to go to school in the morning and Gym in the evening. Afterthat I have to look after my child. And termtest is coming near. So I don't think I could work for u................Eventhough I would like to I added the last bit to make sure that we are above others and think differenly.

Well in that case I can give you a solution My dear girl. Go to school in the morning, go to the gym too. I will come here at 4pm. And I will bring my friend Sonu with me so she could look after ur child. And while you pose for me Nimash could come and stay there too. Besides I will only take couple of hours of a day. And the exam is not coming untill the end of next month. I will finish my prject at least two weaks before that.

So! What could I say? Am I not trapped? Well I wouldn't say no to that question.
Ok.Then I will do it if only Ajay is ok with it. I shot at the last chance I coluld grab. And looked at my hubby.

So the deal is settled. Know? As Ajay already told before that he is ok with this as far as I am concerned our deal is settled. Subash said without letting Ajay to speak anymore word.

Saying it he stood up and went to his bag and took some papers out of it and came towerd us.
This is our contract. Not a big deal. But I like it this professional way.
Saying this he handed it over to us. Sign here and here Geetha. you also Ajay. He show us where to sign and put his signature too in the contract. And then handed us our copy and put his copy inside his bag.

Ok! Now listen Guys. you are under my contract for a period of one month time. I will pay 500$ for eyery working day. I know that you gys are not interested in money and Ajay could pay Doble that salary. But as a poor artist that is the highest I could pay to u.
No man we don't mind. Ajay said quickly.
Ok then. I will come tomMr.row at 4 pm sharp. Geethatha you be prepaired. Saying that he stood up and huged us both.
Let's see what we can produce with this beauty. I am sure It would be far mor grater than the one I have sent you from Brazil.
Saying this he kissed on our cheeks and turned to leave.

I looked at Ajay. He looked puzzled too. Actually the Brazil portrait was not the kind of paintaing in our minds.

BEfore leaving the house at the door step Subash again turned at us and suddnly asked Hey man. What did you though I would do with ur wife. you didn't finish that sentence. I just like to know. He was grining from ear to ear now.

Nothing man. It just I thogh you are talking about.ahh.. Ajay looked at my face. We both knew be have to ask the question. Particulary after he mentioned about that Brazil painting.
I though you were talking about anything involved nudity.
I could see that Ajay was sweating all over, I myself wosn't in a any good condition too. I couldn't look straight at Subash. So I kept looking at Ajay. He was looking at Subash with pleading eyes hoping that he would provide the correct answer.

Ajay! My buddy. Don't you know me my friend. Have I ever painted anything not natural? I am a explorer. So I explore the true beauty of the mother nature and her creations. Saying this he wave good buy and left the house.

Ajay said nothing.
I said nothing.

What could happen from toMr.row? I wonderd.

As the day progress I was getting realy scared. I hoped that he woulden't come today and actually wished for it to happen.
I looked at the watch for the hundredth time. It is almost 4 now. I went to the bathroom again, mayby for the 20th time after I came home from school.

I desided to call Ajay. Infact we intentionally ignored talking about last night. Nither me nor Ajay could bring the topic up. But as the time getting closer to 4 I realy need his support right now.

Oh! Geetha ahh... what is it? Is there anything wrong?
I felt the stress of his voice. He must be feeling the some, at least almost.
No. No nothing like that. I just wanted to call u? When will you come home today?
Ah well.. I realy have some series stufs to looke after . So I might be little later than usual .

I knew he was lying. No way he is having any extra duties these days. He just want to stay out of this.
Ajay! Don't lie. I know you from inside out.
Tell me Ajay! What do you think shold I do this or what? He will be here anyminute, so tell me quickly.

Ok ok I admit. I was lying. But baby I just wanted to let you do ur job without any interruption. I might distract u.
After long push he also added And you may feel little uneacy with me around.
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