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Thank You My Dear Husband

We are Priya and Raj in our third year of our marriage. No kids yet. She is 27 - slim, fair and moderately looking Tamil girl. I am 30 - brown, a moderate looking Tamil guy.

Our anniversary just happened a month ago and now this is happening.

We do not have kids yet and do not plan to have one in the near future. But we do have plans to see every little detail of sex we can enjoy. and that is what is doing now.

I saw her for the first time when there was a formal "Girl" seeing - (Ponnu parkuardhu) and she was the second girl I met.

She was pretty in her pics and anyone will love her when you see her in real. Pics really were not up to her mark.

She wore a pink saree on the day of our visit. I loved her look and was also suprised to note that she wore it slightly under her navel. That really meant something about her that I learnt later.

We then spoke several times on phone and met few times before our wedding. Though we did not indulge in real sex before our wedding - there was lots of hots that we shared.

Loads of kisses, many hugs and sometimes small dirty touches.

We finally got wed after 6 months from our wedding...

Our first night was not that eventful - we just hugged, kissed and were so tired - there was only snores after few hours.

But the next days were not same.

We planned the next night to be really awesome...

I asked her to be ready for the most eventful day of ourlife.

She also did. I entered our bedroom around 10 PM and she was lying in bed in a saree. a red saree with roses on bed.

I really love jasmin and she has worn it on her. She had a black blouse and she somehow found I loved navel and she made sure she wore her saree below navel.

Inspite of being a sex bomb she was shy and didn't know where to start. To make her at ease - I sat next to her and slowly hugged her and brought her in my grip

She did love that and looked me on my eye - and hugged me tight laying on my chest for a few seconds.

She then looked at me again - but this time - she opened her mouth and asked "Do you like me?"

I was surprised - "Why wouldn't I like you?"

"We did not do anything on our first night. are you not upset?"

"No darling - I am not... I am sure this night is not going to be wasted" and I smiled at her.

She said "Poda... enaku vekkama iruku... (Poda - I feel shy)"

"Shy about what?"

"about tonight"

"My love... I will make you at ease" - saying this I slowly kissed on her forehead, then on her cheecks, then on nose, eyes and then on her ears. She was really sensitive on her ears, I loved that and kissed her strongly there.

Then came slowly to her lips and was waiting to see her reaction - she has already closed her eyes and waiting patiently... Seeing me do nothing she opened her eyes and asked "What are you waiting for?" and smiled shyly...

I pressed my lips strongly against her lovely tender lips and she did reciprocate nicely. We exchanged it for about a minute - our tongue touched, our saliva mixed and we came to a frenzy.

I kissed her deeply again and in the process - made her lay on the bed with roses - There was a competition on who looked better - the roses or Priya.

Obviously my lovely Priya won hands down. I hugged her laying on top and removed her saree really slowly enjoying each moment of unwrapping my gift.

Though I have masturbated many times before almost everyday reading stories on exbii/xossip - this was the first time I am having sex. This is new to me. All my 27 years I have not had a chance to fuck anyone.

And to touch a girl who I assumed was a virgin and such a beautiful girl who is so pretty made me rock hard.

I loved looking at her navel and slowly kissed her there. She moaned a little then I went up and she smiled and hugged.

I removed her blouse hooks and the sight of her boobs under the black bra was soo sensual I wanted to just bite her melons.

I was really fast to take off her bra and started sucking her boobs. She moaned... and moaned and moaned...

Sh.hh..... RAjjjjj.... Shhh.... dei.... mmmm..... enna da ipdi panra... (What are you doing... I feel so good) were the only things I could here....

her hand was behind my head and she was slowly caressing my hair....

I loved that and really sucked her well. And slowly sucked her pointed nipples.

They were poking so well and that made me mad...

I couldn't control anymore and removed my vesti and through it to a corner and her petticoat too.

she wore a lovely panty which I didn't even notice the color.

I said to her

"are you ready..."

She - "Yesss... RAjjjjj..."

Me - "What shall I do?"

She - "Take me... eat me... make love to me Rajjjj...."

Me - "Here I come my love" - I wasted no time - I just took my cock out and almost tried to insert into her pussy.

She was really really tight... and it pained her a lot and she screamed and then slowly within few strokes I was able to make it in.

The thing that struck me was - I did not see any blood... I was sure I would see... But I didn't want to spoil my love making and just continued riding her.

All the heat had gotten into me and I rode her with all the thumps.

She moaned... and said "RAj.... it feels so good... as well as pains..."

I said --"Yes baby... I love it....

I thumped and thumped and thumped deep inside her...

she was flowing with juices and within the next 4-5 minutes I cum.... I loved it.

I loved the feeling of putting my seed inside my first girl.

I too felt proud because - I thought I was good in satisfying her...

Priya cleaned up and hugged me with shyness... and I took her hand and placed on my flaccid cock... she smiled and I signalled her to stroke and she did...

we storked my cock together and within minutes I was ready and good to go.

We fucked one more time that night. The second time was longer, louder (With all the moans from her) and very satisfying.

This went on for few months. She gave me the best sex and I did too.

But it all took just few months for us to realize it we need more spice in our bed.

We changed positions, tried BDSM and everything under the roof.

But all this was just two of us.

and it went on.

One day after office - I came home and she was sitting on the couch with a vibrator in her pussy and laptop in front of her. I was able to hear moans from her when I openned the door.

She knew that I am there, turned to look at me and smiled mischevously.

I was like - can't you wait? I am coming?

She - No Raj - I have company.

Me - What?

Priya - I will explain later, if you want watch me and join soon here.

I stripped to my nude and sat next to her to look at the laptop screen.

There was a big cock of an Indian guy on the screen. He was live - she was doing a video chat all this time, They were really fucking miles apart.

She smiled, she held my hand and placed on the vibrator. And she typed - "this is my hubby." in the chat screen.

He said. "Hi"

Priya whispered - "I will explain later honey.... just enjoy this.... ummmahhh"

I was hard already looking at her in this hot position. Her boobs were completely out of her bra. She was wearing a sexy red bra that was still clinging to her body. Of course of no use.

Her panty has slid with the vibrator on her pussy...

She didn't want to mind me - I realized. Her eyes froze on the screen.

She typed - "What do you want to do now Raj?"

(What she is using my name to refer this guy. )

He replied - "Open your pussy and take my cock dear..."

Priya - "yes baby... come... my pussy is waiting for your hard cock..." saying this she pressed the vibrator more... on top of my hand. I removed my hand and let her handle it.

She didn't want to do that. She put my hand on the vibrator again, and placed her hand on my cock over my pant.

She removed the zipper and held my cock out... all this time looking on the screen... she then started stroking my already hard cock.

She was stroking it really hard.

He typed= "Honey which cock do you like?"

Priya - "Raj do you want to know? really???? "

He - "Yes baby"

Priya - "Its my Raj's dick... " and she took my cock and sucked it really hard.... I wanted to cum... but then something stuck me hard - she said "Raj's dick" but she was also calling him Raj. Which Raj? Which cock do you like Priya??? was the thoughts that ran in my mind.

She didn't want to hear anything... she wanted me to stroke her pussy with the vibrator and he kept stroking his hard cock....

I wanted to give her the best... and discuss anything else later... I started sucking her boob and also stroking her pussy...

She was moaning.... alh..... yes rajjj.... fasterr... fasterrrrr..... innum kuthuuu nallla kuthuuu ennoda pundaya nalla kuthu da.... ummm rajjjjj.... deeperrrr deeperrr/.....

He was able to see all this....

she was moaning even louder when he typed "I want to cum baby...."

she type "yes RAjjjjjj... cummm... cumm inside your Priya's pussy.... cummmm...."

she moaned "yessssss deeperrr deeperrr "

typed - "I m also going to cummm Raj...."

He reading that.... shoot his load.... and it hit the camera, and few strands ended on his six pack and his chest...

She typed "woww..... My Raj's dick is cummingggggg inside me...."

She typed "Yesssss I am cummingggg"

and saying this she wanted me to stroke harder - and I did and within seconds she had her orgasm....

she was done with her session and typed "Baby... are you sattisfied now... this is what you wanted my Raj? are you satisfied?"

He typed - "Yes baby... but I want you for realll... I want to fuck that lucious body. "

Priya -"The day will come Raj.... now let me leave."

He said -"Ok darling... take care..."

Priya - "bye... take care... "

and she typed "love you...." then erased it and didn't send.

She Closed the laptop,

and looked at me and smiled.
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